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Chrome keeps crashing on startup

This morning, when I turn on my PC, I saw the alert message window of Google Chrome.


Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:    BEX
Application Name:    chrome.exe
Application Version:    45.0.2454.85
Application Timestamp:    55df881b
Fault Module Name:    guard32.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp:    55c148a3
Exception Offset:    000269c9
Exception Code:    c0000409
Exception Data:    00000000
OS Version:    6.1.7601.
Locale ID:    1033
Additional Information 1:    245b
Additional Information 2:    245b87f1e9247b2ba9f9bea5f513a892
Additional Information 3:    b91a
Additional Information 4:    b91adc989991e0190675cb62c0dcb1c3


I click “Close the program”, and try a lot of time and still not working.

After Google the error, I knew the problem is because of Comodo Firewall program. It has a HIPS facility.

Let me disply the steps to solve this problem.

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[Fixed] Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working.

It is just put me in attention when Gloria, my daughter told me that her Windows 10 has this error and can not do anything.


I did a lot of search and so many different answers.

Someone said it is because of the anti-virus program, Avast!. So remove it can fix the problem, but I don’t have it.

Someone said try other account to sign in. I tried it and still same problem.


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Small update of Nexus 7

My Nexus 7 got another update again, when I am back home. It is said, “This software update will upgrade your Nexus 7 to improve stability, increase security, and ifx bugs. Downloading updates over a mobile network or while roaming may cause additional charges. Update size:10.3MB.”


2015-08-12 01.47.16

After installation and restarting. The system Android version is still 5.1.1. Build number is LMY481. It is an update of 5.1.1, over previous 5.1.1.

Based on the industry news, Google will issue montly updates for its Nexus devices.

Piwik upgrade to 2.14.3 from 2.14.0

Upgrade my installation of Piwik from 2.14.0 mto 2.14.3 directly.

These are all minor release. Fixing bugs, adding small improvements.


Piwik has self-hosted program and cloud program. If you want, you can download the self-host program and install it on your own server, all free. Or, you can pay to get the cloud program, it is actually a paid service by your traffic.



Upgrade Piwik to v2.14.0

Piwik announce the new release of its Analytics software to latest 2.14.0.

It is a major release. and This release is rated critical.

There are more than 130 tickets closed and a lot of changes or improvement on it.

In this release we have focused on improving the usability and design of Piwik. Several screens were redesigned, including the installation, administration screens and forms, data tables and buttons, the websites manager, the visitor log, and more. Performance has been slightly improved and you can now install Piwik with HHVM and TokuDB (useful for high traffic Piwik services). In terms of quality, we have made many improvements to our automated test suites.


Look at the details of the release notes of Piwik 2.14.0.


Upgrade to Calibre 2.31

Just upgrade my installation of Calibre to version  2.31, 64bit.

New Features of v2.31

E-book viewer: Make the search engine used for searching for selected text configurable (in the Miscellaneous section of the viewer preferences)

New Features of v2.30

  • An option to auto-convert a book on adding even if it is already in the output format (Preferences->Adding Books).
  • E-book viewer: If there are entries in the Table of Contents that are long enough to be truncated, display the full text in a popup menu when the mouse hovers over the item.
  • News download: Add support for turning off SSL certificate verification in individual recipes
  • Kobo driver: Support for upcoming firmware version 3.16

Windows 10 Update

Here is a new icon in the notification area of my Windows 7.


The white four grids window icon. Double click it and I saw the pop up window as below.


It asked user to agree to Reserve your free upgrade.  Of course agree it.  Before click the button, let me check the details of the sliders.



Wow, good news, The start Menu is back. It is the main reason I don’t want to upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 8.



Emm… Speed is very important. SSD saved my life by reducing the waiting time.

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Upgrade to Calibre 2.29

It is a long time since I update my Calibre to 2.20. Let me see what is new features of it.


The installation file is almost 67M now for 64bit.

New Features of v 2.29

  • Allow opening the full Tag Editor dialog directly from the book list by holding down the Shift key while starting an edit of a tag-like field. For example, click on the tags field for a book and press Shift-F2
  • Tag Browser: Allow undoing the deletion of items in the Manage categories window
  • calibredb add: Allow setting arbitrary identifiers, not just ISBN.
  • Add a ‘Retry’ button to the news download failed error message.

New Features of 2.28

  • Conversion of all ebook formats to Microsoft Word (DOCX) files

    Supports conversion of text styles, images, lists, tables, embedded fonts, etc. Produces DOCX files compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 or newer. Note that this code is very new, so there will likely still be kinks that will be worked out in the coming weeks.

  • Add keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Right, Ctrl+Left) to switch between virtual library tabs.
  • When sending email using GMX pause for five minutes between books, to prevent GMX from blocking the account. The delay can be configured via Preferences->Tweaks

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How to make a bootable USB drive

Yesterday, I serched the tool to make a bootableUSB drive with DOS command.

Rufus tool is one of the choice.

I download the tool. It is only 788KB.  Just click it and run on the Windows 7.



Look at the screenshot above. I plug in a 2GB USB drive. Then choose the bootable option, MS-DOS. Click start and done in seconds.

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Upgrade to Calibre 2.20


New Features of v2.20

  • ODT Input: Add backlinks for footnotes/endnotes and improve their formatting.
  • Windows: When running on windows 8 and newer register with default programs so that users can more easily select calibre or its viewer/editor as the default program to launch ebook files.
  • Make publishers in the book details panel clickable
  • Edit Book spell check: For mis-spelled words of the form one:two offer one: two as a suggested correction.

New Features of v2.19

  • Quick view window: Allow the quickview window to be docked into the main calibre window.
  • Add empty book: Allow setting the title as well as the author and series for the added empty book records
  • Windows driver for Grammata Papyre 602.
  • Edit Book: Add an option to turn off auto-completion of closing tags
  • Allow adding a description for custom columns.
  • Book Details panel: Allow any identifier of the form url+number to become a clickable link. For example: url1:

New Features of v2.18

  • Edit Book: Add ‘Style Classes’ and ‘Links’ report pages to the Reports tool
  • Tag browser: Allow expanding all children of a node by right clicking and choosing ‘Expand All’
  • Preferences: Re-arrange the controls to avoid needing to move the mouse from the top to the bottom of the dialog when closing the dialog after making some changes

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