This time, I upgrade my Calibre installation to 2.66. It is alway an update every week. I would like to track new features in what’s new.

The most exciting features added in past eight updates are following:

New Features of v2.66

  • A simplified calibre logo
  • Edit Book: Allow restricting a search to the files currently open for editing
  • Driver for the PocketBook Touch HD
  • Kobo driver: Add support for firmware version 3.20

New Features of v2.65.1

  • Driver for Kobo Aura One and Aura Edition 2
  • Kobo driver: Add an option to ignore some collections on the device. The specified collections will not be touched by the driver.
  • Add an option in Preferences->Searching to make searching case-sensitive
  • DOCX Input: Add support for right-to-left text/tables

New Features of v2.64

  • Custom columns: Add a new ‘Short text’ column type that behaves like the builtin title column

    More generally, you can now customize Comments-like columns, controlling how their headings are displayed in the Book Details panel and also specifying what kind of data they contain (plain text, HTML or even Markdown)

  • Edit book: Function mode: Allow appending text to the end of the marked text when running function mode search/replace on marked text
  • PDF Output: Add a new variable _TOP_LEVEL_SECTION_ for use in header/footer templates that resolves to the current top-most section in the Table of Contents
  • Linux/OSX: Shutdown gracefully on receiving the interrupt or terminate Unix signals

New Features of v2.63

  • News download: Allow controlling which periodicals are automatically sent to a specific email in Preferences->Sharing by email
  • Edit Book: Update regex engine to support Unicode 9.0

New Features of v2.62

  • EPUB metadata: Support for reading and writing EPUB 3 specific metadata. Now when processing EPUB 3 files, calibre will generate/use EPUB 3 specific metadata constructs when available, for example for series.
  • Recognize the newest Kindle model, that started shipping today.

New Features of v2.61

  • Driver for FNAC (re-branded Bq) with new firmware.
  • Edit Book: Check Book: Add an auto fix action to remove all links to a missing resource (such as a deleted stylesheet) automatically.

New Features of v2.60

  • Edit metadata: In the drop down list for languages, show the five most recently used languages first.
  • Edit Book: Check Book: Add a check for missing navigation documents in EPUB 3 books
  • Kobo driver: Improved configuration dialog for the Kobo Touch device driver
  • Copy to Library: Do not abort the copy process if only some books fail to copy, instead report which books failed and copy the rest.
  • News download: Make all relative links (those starting with /) absolute. Useful when reading on a device that supports web browsing.
  • EPUB metadata: Add an option to disable adding of cover images to EPUB files that declare no cover image in their metadata (Preferences->Plugins->Customize the Set EPUB metadata plugin)

New Features of v2.59

  • Amazon metadata download: Download the series information when available from
  • Amazon metadata download: Recognize common patterns of embedding the series name after the title and remove it automatically
  • Edit Book: Add support for EPUB 3 to the Table of Contents tool. Now when editing EPUB 3 files using the tool will automatically generate both the EPUB 3 navigation document and the NCX table of contents for backwards compatibility.
  • EPUB Input: Implement reading of Table of Contents from EPUB 3 files that do not specify a fallback NCX ToC
  • EPUB metadata: When setting a cover image for an EPUB file that has no metadata cover image defined, add the new cover image as a pure metadata cover instead of aborting.

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