Last September, Calibre 5.0 released. Today, I upgraded the installation to 5.9.

Let me have a look what’s new features of this E-Book management software.

New features for Calibre 5.9

  • Annotations: Allow exporting highlights and bookmarks in Markdown format, with a link to open the book at the highlight location
  • Content server viewer: Allow exporting all highlights
  • Icon rules editor: Add a button to open the icons folder
  • Quickview: Dropdown menu for all selectable columns

New features for Calibre 5.8.1

  • Happy holidays to all calibre users!
  • E-book viewer: Add a mode to follow links with only the keyboard (triggered by Alt+F)
  • Edit book: A new option to show a configurable number lines above the current line when syncing the position of the preview panel to the current position in the code editor (under Preview settings in the Editor preferences).
  • Windows: Automatically resolve shortcuts (.lnk files) when adding books to calibre.
  • Content server viewer: Don’t enter full screen mode automatically when reading on desktop like devices (this can be controlled via a setting in the viewer preferences under Page layout)
  • E-book viewer tool bar: Add a select all action and a Read aloud action (can be added by right clicking the tool bar and configuring it)
  • Template/formatter enhancements: Add a ‘for’ statement and add the ability for a developer to pass extra information to a template.
  • Rules editors for icon/coloring rules: Add a button to duplicate rules and to convert a rule to advanced template mode

New features for 5.7.2

  • E-book viewer: Add a “Read aloud” function that works via the operating system’s Text-to-speech engine.

    Click the “Read aloud” button in the viewer controls to start reading the book text aloud from the current page.

  • A new busy spinner for waiting animations
  • Edit metadata: Add buttons to easily set yes/no fields also shortcut to clear the field.

New features for 5.6

  • Edit book: Show a non-modal popup for a few seconds to allow undoing file delete operations
  • Device books view: Add an action to the context menu to easily jump to the matching book in the calibre library view
  • Add ability to undo Generate cover in the Edit metadata screen, by long clicking the Generate cover button
  • Edit book: Allow adding tags to the list of tags for the insert tag button
  • calibredb add: New option –automerge to automatically merge duplicates
  • Add an edit notes action to the context menu in the viewer highlights panel
  • Content server viewer: Allow viewing images in a new window by right clicking them, matches the calibre builtin viewer behavior
  • Book details window: Allow opening the edit metadata window using either the keyboard shortcut or the context menu
  • Allow copying the current search as a calibre:// URL by right clicking the search box
  • Book details panel: Add entries to copy calibre:// links for the current book to the context menu
  • Edit book: Upgrade book: Ask whether to keep the NCX based Table of Contents

New features for 5.5

  • Support the calibre:// URL scheme

    Clicking on calibre:// URLs can be used to have calibre perform various actions. For details, see:

  • Viewer: Show calibre:// URL for current book in the Goto->Location panel
  • Edit book: Add an action to the right click menu for tabs to close tabs to the right of the current tab.
  • Add ability to copy tag, publisher and author in Book details panel by right-clicking
  • Annotations browser: Add a context menu for common actions.
  • Annotations browser: Show a dot for highlights with notes.
  • Edit book: Saved searches panel: Allow copying the current saved search to the regular search panel by clicking the Export button.
  • Windows: Fix command line arguments not working for the portable.exe launchers
  • Viewer: back and forward buttons on the mouse now trigger the back and forward actions
  • Option to mark all books with annotations/bookmarks
  • Various minor improvements to how keyboard focus is handled in the Tag browser

Every time Calibre has a new release, there are a lot of new features added and bug fixes. I just tried to log it for reference.

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