It is a problem I met since Virtualbox 5.0.4. I can not make the guest OS communicate with Internet or Host, even the IP address is correct. It is similar to the Virtualbox bug of bridged connection, which is fixed in Virtualbox 5.0.6.  So, installed the latest version of Virtualbox on my Windows 7 64bit.

The guest OS is Ubuntu 14.04 64bit. I upgrade my installation to Virtualbox 5.0.6. So the following are based Virtualbox 5.0.6.

When I tried to run yum update to do a update, it can not connect to the repos. And the wired thing is it is using IPv6 address. And actually I don’t have IPv6 implement in my LAN.

The network adapter information as below, looks normal.


The first time I run the command of yum update, it said another app is currently holding the yum lock. I don’t know why, and saw no process in memory by top command. So I just delected the lock file /var/run/


Then, repeat the command to see if it works OK.


This time, the error shown as time out, Failed to connect to an IPv6 address.

The solution as below:

Disable the firewall software of Host OS. Or change the settings of Firewall.

I use Avast! Internet Security 2015.

1. Open Avast! Internet Security User Interface

2. Click Tools, Firewall tab


3. Click “Settings” in the low right corner


The Firewall Policies window poped up.

4. Select the option under Preferences, “Internet Connection Sharing mode”


5. Then, click OK to confirm and go back to the guest OS, without restart, run yum update command again.

Now the Internet connection is fine. connecting to repos as normal.


Based on the Avast! help file

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) mode – In this mode certain ports are open which are normally closed. It decreases the security level, but can troubleshoot problems with network printer or internet connection sharing.

This solution of Virtualbox 5.0.6 on Windows 7 64bit Host OS is for Avast! software users. It fixed Host-Guest communication problem, bridged adapter problem, and a lot of stranged problem in networking.

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