I installed the latest version of Virtualbox on the official web site. It is virtualbox 4.3.14-95030. When I installed and try to run the program, it displayed the following errors. Error In supR3HardenedWinReSpawn     If you met same errors as me, go to download the Virtualbox 4.3.15 Download linkContinue Reading

VirtualBox is a must have on my Windows 7.  I installed Centos 6 32bit and 64bit testing guest system in it. And also retired Windows XP. So, keep Oracle VM VirtualBox updated is very important. Here is a new release of VirtualBox 4.3. VMM: more work on improving the emulationContinue Reading

It is a strange error that I encountered installing Centos 6.4 64bit into Virtual Box. The CPU is AMD A8-3870.  8GB Memory Host OS is Windows 7 64bit. VirtualBox is 4.3.6, latest version on Jan 15, 2014. I have no problem to install Centos x86 version into this VirtualBox. OnlyContinue Reading