Google announced that new Ultrabook, Chromebook Acer C7 yesterday. It is $199.00, available in US and UK now.
It is the cheapest Chromebook, comparing with Samsung Chromebook from $249 to $449.
Acer C7 has Inter Core CPU, 2GB memory,3 USB ports, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 11.6 inch screen, 4 cell battery with 3.5 hours.
It is good choice for light book.
I am thinking about to have a try on VirtualBox. I did find the place to download at Hexxeh nightly build.
I download the virtualbox zip file. It is a image file.

Unzip the zip file I download. I got a VDI file.
When I create a new VirtualBox guest system. I choose Linux, Other linux as type and version.
Allocate 2GB memory to it.
Choose “Use an existing virtual hard drive file” when it ask for the hard drive. Then select the VDI file above.
Then click next until complete the task.
There still some configuration need to be change.
Choose settings of the guest system.
On System section, Processor tab, choose Enable PAE/NX
On Display section, I give 64MB video memory.
Try it, you will have your own felling about Google Chrommium OS.

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