When you take your Polaris UTV out for a ride, it’s all about the experience. A side by side allows you to bring someone else with you along for every adventure as you take on tough terrain, the elements, and venture into the unknown. You’ve got more security and versatility when you ride in an enclosed UTV that is built to be put to the test. That’s why Side by Side Stuff is here to help you personalize your ride to give you the bonus features you want like Polaris speakers to give you a soundtrack for your journey.

Bring the Tunes with You
Whether you’re stopping off by a lake the fish the afternoon away, everyone has packed food to break out the grill, or you are headed off for the long haul, a 2 speaker overhead console is perfect for your Ranger. Built to work well with full size models like the Ranger 570 or the XP 900, install these speakers by Froghead Industries and you’ll have your music your way. It’s equipped with a MA300 Bluetooth Marine Radio which means it’s compatible with an iPod, an iPhone, or Bluetooth. You can pick up radio stations as well to keep you posted on the latest news so you can be in touch with the outside world when you have traveled off of the beaten path. Play your favorites or explore your options. This set of speakers and console won’t let you down.

A System that You Can Count On
Side by Side Stuff knows that you aren’t always going for a Sunday drive. When you ride a UTV, whether it’s built for a crew or you only have one other passenger joining you, you are bound to take on challenging conditions. You need a speaker system that will hold up. Froghead Industries has developed sound equipment that is waterproof, resistant to UV rays, resistant to corrosion, and will give you a warning when you are running low on power. The music will keep playing as long as you are rolling.

Check Out Your Options Today
Take a look at a sound system that is as reliable as your machine. Side by Side Stuff is ready to send you what you need to complete your ride. You’ll find a broad selection of accessories and parts that can help you to pump up your Polaris when you turn to a company that knows what it means to own a side by side.

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