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Look at our Home from Space – The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

This is an amazing tool for any normal people like me. I can watch the real time earth view from the out space.

Real Time

Black Scenes = Night side of the Earth; Gray Scenes = Switching to the next camera, or the communications downlink from the ISS in not available at the moment.

The live video feed from HDEV will occasionally be unavailable due to loss of Ku-band transmission from the International Space Station. Please check the site again in approximately 30 minutes.


Natural Gas rate increases in BC Lower Mainland

Here is a notice from FortisBC, the natural gas provider in BC.

The title of the sheet is Natural gas rate changes. With a chart, showing 53% decrease in six years.


But when I have a closer look at the Rates explained part, it tells the truth of rate increasing.


It said the commodity rates increased by $1.368 per GJ. It means increased by 41.80%. It is a huge increase.

When I look at the back of this paper. It said, “BCUC approves FortisBC common rates, Over the next three years, FortisBC will take steps to offer more stable rates throughout our service areas.”

Does it mean the rate increased will stay on the high level and lasting for three years?

The answer is YES. Look at what they posted on their web site:

Lower Mainland, Columbia and Inland
Typical Lower Mainland, Columbia and Inland residential customers will see a one-time increase of approximately $45-54 to their annual bill. However, FortisBC is proposing to mitigate this rate increase for three years so that typical Lower Mainland, Inland and Columbia residential customers only experience an increase of $28-34 to their annual bill starting in 2014. In 2017, these customers would see a second increase bringing them up to the $45-54 annual bill increase amount.”

vi commonrates

If you living in the Lower Mainland BC, check your April gas bill.


I have G.E.R.D.

Last week, I saw the doctor Janzen. I described my problem, and he gave me a piece of paper. There are four letter, G.E.R.D. He said I may have this. And at the same time, he gave me two bottles of pills. One pill each day, for two weeks. He said if I get back normal in two weeks, that means it is.

Now, today morning, I took the first pill and the whole day is good.

I checked Wikipedia, it said:

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), gastric reflux disease, or acid reflux disease is a chronic symptom of mucosal damage caused by stomach acid coming up from the stomach into the esophagus.


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Cloud Storage or Online Archiving places

I am thinking about put my digital pictures archives in cloud. It will be my second backup for these digital life records. The first backup is on my NAS at home. The original one is on my Desktop.

I need a remote backup, just in case. My previous solution is to burn these files into small DVD-Rs, which is 1.4GB capacity. I put them into safe box in TD Bank. The photos are back to 2001. I took by my first digital camera, Finepix2400.


It is old way. now it is time to move them to online archiving or cloud storage.

There are so many options right now. I am only consider the free storage.

Dropbox has 2GB free storage.

Microsoft OneDrive has 7GB free storage

Google Drive has 15GB free storage

Box has 10GB free storage


For me, I have more than above default new user limits. Because I refer some new user to them or I am a loyalty user.

Dropbox, I have 16GB

Microsoft OneDrive, I have 25GB

Google Drive, I have 15GB, I have 50GB


So, my decision is to put my photo archives in 50GB is enough for now.



High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a very common problem that can have serious health consequences if it isnot diagnosed and treated. I bought a Omron BP765Can blood pressure meter. The meter is used to check my blood pressure and track the blood pressure. My dad and grandpa had stroke history. And High Blood Pressure is #1 risk factor for stoke. It can also cause the heat to enlarge, increase hardening of the arteries, and lead to vision problems and kidney failure.


The cause of most cases of high blood pressure remains a mystery. Ina few people, it can be traced to some other illness or to using certain drugs(such as oral contraceptive, pain relievers, or cough and cold medicines), but in the vast majority of people the cause simply isn’t known.

What is know about  high blood pressures is that some people are naturally more prone to developing it. Some of the things that increase a person’s risk are age, race, gender, a family history of high blood pressure, and certain lifestyle factors. Some of these things we can do nothing about.

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Emergency Preparedness of Earthquake in BC, Canada

It is just a preparation, doesn’t mean it will happen soon. According to Public Safety Canada, individuals and families should be prepared to cope on their own for the first 72 hours following a natural disaster, allowing emergency personnel to help those in greatest danger.


Yes, I totally agree with it. We have to get prepared at least we can survived until other people come to help us.

Here is what to do to help you be more prepared:

Step 1: Make a plan

Put the plan in writing, address applicable considerations such as:

  • Safe exits from your home and neighbourhood
  • Meeting places to reunite with your family
  • A designated person to pick up your children if necessary
  • Names and numbers of people to be contacted
  • Health and insurance information
  • Places for your pet to stay
  • Risks in your region
  • The location of your fire extinguisher, water valve, electrical panel, gas valve and floor drain

Step 2:  Create an emergency kit

Create the kit to cover your family’s specific needs, including the following basics:

  • Flashlight, batteries, transistor radio and first aid kit
  • A three-day supply of bottled water and non-perishable food for each person and pet ( 2 L water per day per person)
  • Personal hygiene supplies, medications, eyeglasses, blankets and bath linens
  • Cash, extra keys for car and home, photocopies of legal and personal documents including your insurance policy.

Here is check list you can download and print it out your your own.



WiiKey 2 firmware update procedure

To play New Super Mario Brother Wii game backup on a WiiKey 2  modded Wii machine, WiiKey 2 need to update its firmware to 1.3.

Step 1, Download the firmware update and config disk ISO file.

Step 2, Burn the ISO file to a DVD disk.

Step 3, Put the disk into Wii and load the program.


The current FW is 1.2 “Asgard Core”. There is a notice to upgrade the firmware to 1.3.

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