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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a very common problem that can have serious health consequences if it isnot diagnosed and treated. I bought a Omron BP765Can blood pressure meter. The meter is used to check my blood pressure and track the blood pressure. My dad and grandpa had stroke history. And High Blood Pressure is #1

Braised Meatballs

I cooked yesterday.  Main dish is braised meatballs. The huge meatballs. We call it HongShao ShiZi Tou, or braised meatballs in brown sauce. Each meatball is more than 100gs. It is 150g when raw. Here is the recipe.

Fitbit Zip tracker lost syncing?

This morning, I found my Fitbit Zip tracker lost its connection with my Nexus 7 Fitbit app. It can not sync with the wireless USB dongle either.  The device looks OK. Still tracking my steps and others. It is just lost syncing from last Friday. My guess is something wrong with the tracker itself.  Maybe

Fitbit syncing support more devices now

I use Fitbit almost one year. I need a USB device to synchronize data it collect. The USB device should work with PC and its program, Fitbit connect. Now Fitbit syncing support more devices. Including iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini, etc. Most important news for me is that it

Great deal of New Nexus 7 Tablet

It is a great deal for a 7 inch Nexus table.  I ordered it on Nov. 7. Received it yesterday. The tag price on is $249.99 The total I paid is less than $150.00 1) Sign Up $25 Promo. It can be used on this order. 2) Sign Up 20% rebate for

A Piece of Red Cloth

I watched The Voice of China (Seacon 2) Epsoid 7 tonight on Youtube. The last second song is still very powerful after 25 years. Here is the clip of LIU Caixing and GAO Yang. At last LIU Caixing won. I will post another video clip after it. Which is the written by Cui Jian. He