There are a lot of people with diabetes around the world.  Based on the statistics from American Diabetes Association: In 2018, 34.2 million Americans, or 10.5% of the population, had diabetes. We live in Canada. So, look at the studies in Canada. Canada has also seen rising rates of diabetes. In 2015, the estimated prevalence of diabetes was 3.4 million or 9.3% of the population and is predicted to rise to 5 million or 12.1% of the population by 2025, representing a 44% increase from 2015 to 2025.

See the Diabetes Canada has an estimated number more realistic. Last year is 10% of the population are diagnosed with Diabetes.

The full report can be download. 2020_Backgrounder_Canada_English_FINAL

For my family members, I know some of them are Type 2 Diabetes. I would like to give a list of the safe food for them.


Apple Cider Vinegar


Chia Seeds


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