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Replace the Battery of Anne Klein watch

It is an old watch for woman. My wife received it as a gift from her cousin about twenty years ago.

I found it from the old stuff in  Shanghai. It does not work because of battery.

When I home, I open it by the special tool, which I will mentioned later. Took the battery out and located the size or model number is 364.

Now it is simple, go to and bought a pack of this battery.


It is 5 PC pack. Brand name is Maxell, Silver Oxide Battery for Watch. 1.55V. Model number is 364 SR621SW SR60 363.

I made the order on Aug. 13, 2015. Received the item Today, Aug. 21, 2015. The back of the pack shows the exp. date 12.2016.


About the SR621SW Battery

SR621SW is the name of a small 1.55 volt battery.  It is a popular battery for watches and other small electronics.
S stands for its silver-oxide positive electrode terminal.
R stands for its round shape.
6 stands for 6.8 mm diameter.
21 stands for 2.1 mm height.
S stands for its sodium hydroxide electrolyte.
W means the battery meets the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard for watch batteries.
Capacity: 20 mAh
Voltage: 1.55V
Then I replaced battery with the new one I just got. Put the cover back with a small rubber hammer. It is hard to open the back-cover and put it back.
Here is the watch.
Based on the Ebay listing description: This is a Beautiful Gold Tone Anne Klein ladies watch. It is water resistant to 100ft and  has a white face with gold Roman numerals. It has a clasp Rolex style band. It is Quartz.
The listing price of it is US$19.99.
Watch Model: 11/7878-9 9GB

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FortisBC announced rate decrease

Today, I received my natural gas bill. FortisBC announcement is inside.

The announcement said Your natural gas bill is going down, effective from April 1, 2015.

Actually, it is the commodity rate.  It will go down by $1.295 per gigajoule(GJ).

As a residential customer, this rate is changed from $3.781 to $2.486 per GJ.


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Smoke & Fire Alarm

Deaths from fires and burns are the third leading cause of fatal home injury. Claiming the lives of thousands each year.

To protect family and home, install Smoke and Fire Alarm is one of the most important safety protection.

It is not expensive. About $20.00 each. I bought one at Sears department store last week. It is $14.95 plus tax.

Take a look and see how I install it.


This is what it is look, when I opened the box. I took out the battery and turn the battary around and put it back by following the instruction of “+” and “-” signs. Then close it.

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BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit

It is a new type of Tax Benefit for BC family.

If you received the CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit) and National Child Benefit Supplement, for low income family, you may receive BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit.

there are approximately 180,000 B.C. families that are now receiving up to $55 per month, or $660 a year, for each child under the age of six. As part of the B.C. Early Years Strategy, the B.C. government is committed to improvin gthe affordability of child care and assisting families with the cost of raising young children.

This benefit is Tax Free.



To apply or get more information about it, click the link below to British Columbia Government site.

DIY Chinese Visa Photo

Here is a How-to guide to DIY Chinese Visa Photo.

The requirement of it is 33mm x 48mm, a little bit smaller than 2 inches.

Here is a sample picture from official China embass website.


So just take a picture by yourself and use any photo editing tool you like.

1) Make it 300dpi.

2) Crop the pic per above

3) Change the image size to 470 pixel width,  600 pixel height.

4) Prepare all pictures of your family.

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Order parts of Chest form IKEA Canada for FREE

It is totally free to get parts from IKEA, if you have one or two broken parts which is belonging to the furniture bought in IKEA.

Last week, I went to parts or return department of IKEA Coquitlam store. Because I have a chest bought many years ago. It is a three drawer chest. The sliding track for drawer is broken. The metal balls came out and it is hard to open and close it.

It is not the first time. One year ago, I went to IKEA and asked for the track, they gave me a pair of track. I replaced the broken one.

Now, another draw sliding tracks have same problem. I went to IKEA, they told me this product is discontinued and they do not have stock of these kind of track any more. But, they can order it from SWEDEN. And it is totally FREE.

I gave them my mailing address and name. They said, it may takes 5 days to my front door. It is May 21, 2014


Today, I heard the door bell. The postman gave me the parcel looks like below.


It is inside of a plastic bag. The bag is from Canada Post. There are a notes in the back of it.


This apology from Canada Post is said that the mail item is damaged. They found it in this condition in the mailstream.

I don’t understand what is mailstream. I am not sure who is responsible to it.

Anyway, I opened the plastic bag and saw the damage.


So the so called damage is the envelope is broken because the content inside is heavy and hard. I think the metal parts is OK.


At last IKEA sent me six sliding tracks. I can replace all three draws’ tracks.

Today is May 28, 2014. It exactly took FIVE business days. It is FREE.

I am very comfortable to shop in IKEA. They provide high quality of service.

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