I am working on some small wood projects. Aliexpress is the place I bought tools and hardware parts online. It is a good resource you can find the cheaper stuff with reasonable quality. No surprise.

Hinges are very expensive in a local store, such as Homedepot, $10.38 you get 4pc hinges with screws.

Homedepot Hinge

So I searched online with many choices. AliExpress has this one.

AliExpress HingeI paid $3.22 ( the price when I ordered) and get 12 pieces with screws. Almost the same size as the one on Homedepot, 25mm long.

I ordered another 12 pieces of hinges at the same store, a little bit bigger. It is 21mmx30mm bronze color.

I paid $4.37 for these 12 pieces.

I received them and open the pack.  They are all good and meet my expectation.

The gold one is smaller, so it is lighter. I can put it on some small box project.

The bronze one is thicker and heavy. I can use it when I need a more strong connection.

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