It was a small story in my home one week ago. One night, Gloria, my daughter told me about the noise from the garbage disposal under the sink.  I went kitchen and turned on the garbage disposal, still working but with a loud sound. I thought it maybe just some food inside.

Then the other day. I tried to use it. It is humming, but not spinning.  I googled it and watched a lot of videos.

I tried to push the reset button under the disposal. No luck.

I used the cellphone flashlight to point inside the machine. Look, I found one screw jammed.

I tried different tools to take it out. It stuck too tight to come out. I have to borrow an Allen Wrench from my neighbor. I only need 1/4″ size.

I insert the Allen wrench into the center of the bottom of the Garbage Disposal. It should be spinning in any direction easily. But it is jammed, I turned it in the direction which make it loose.

Then I use the tweezer, a very long tweezer, which is shown in the picture above. Picked it out very carefully.

After that, I can easily spin the machine with the Allen Wrench. Turn on the garbage disposal, now it is working as before.

Look at the screw. I can not remember where it came from. Until another day, I was washing the bucket of the air fryer.

Missing screw
At that time I knew what screw it is. The problem is turned to the broken screw. The screw cannot be used anymore because it was jammed inside the garbage disposal. The screw thread is flat.

I need a new screw and washers. I tried to contact the manufacturer, Kalorik. I thought they may happy to mail me a screw to let me continue using it. I am wrong. They are very polite to tell me that it is over the warranty. At last customer support told me they do not have screws for this model.

emails between Kalorik and me

No problem for me. I am a fixer. I went to Home Depot with my wife. I brought my old screw.

I compared the screw thread. I found it is M4 size. I bought the shortest one in a box.


M4 screws in a box
It is a machine screw. M4 stands for Metric size 4.


I bought one flat washer and one lock washer. It is sold individually.

It is too long. I still have a solution. I pull my tool, Dremel 3000.

I have experience using this kind of tool. Cut the length and make it the same size as the broken one.  Put it into the bucket of Air Fryer.

Perfectly fixed.

Now the story ends.

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