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PostTwiOAuth upgrade to v0.30

It is so fast. macminiosx announce v0.30 of PostTwiOAuth plugin of MovableType is released.
It is better than the old v0.21. More features, acutally I did not use them. Say Google Analytics, etc.
Here if you installed v0.21 before, you have to remove the whole folder and ftp v0.30 files under plugins folder.
Still need to change retweetmaker.cgi to 755.
Not just replace the old one, you still need to re-setup the token of it.
Here is the link, you can download zip file or gz file there.
Good luck.

PostTwiOAuth upgrade to v0.21

I have installed PostTwiOAuth v0.11 almost one month ago.
Now, I saw the v0.21 released. So I upgrade my installation.
It is a plugin use Twitter OAuth to send notification to your Twitter timeline. The first Auth, or Basic Auth of Twitter will be retired soon. And also OAuth is safer.
Let me show you how to install it.
0) MovableType 5.0
1) Download the plugin from the official site here.
2) Decompress the zip file and upload the whole folder PostTwiOauth to the mt\plugins\
3) Login your MT backend
Tools > Plugins >
Click PostTwiOAuth 0.21, Register an application
Filling following information on Twitter application form
Application Name:
Application Website:
 URL of the site to download this program
Application Type :
Callback URL:
Use the callback URL provided
Default Access type:
 Read & Write
Use Twitter for login:
After submit, you get Consumer key and Consumer Secret strings.
Enter them into settings of MT, and click Save Changes.
4) Click Settings again, click Go to Twitter
/mt5cgi/plugins/PostTwiOauth/oauth.cgi/1 to get Access Token and Access Secret.
Enter them into settings of MT.

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Twitter your new post automatically

I used MT-Twitter before. It is good. When I make a new post and click publish, a new twitter post will be made automatically to announce there is a new post with the link and title.
After upgrade to MovableType 5, I have not do it again. Now I try it and see how it works. I will update this post when I get the answer.
The test result is that it is not working on MT 5.

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WordPress Mobile Pack is great

Just bought a iPod Touch 32G edition. It has safari browser. I use it to browse one of my Blog powered by WordPress. The text and images are so small. I know I can enlarge them by two fingers, but it is still has width problem.
I thought it must be some plugin can do it to make a blog mobile.
I did a google search and find this one: WordPress Mobile Pack
I install it on the backend of WordPress.
Just a few clicks to config it and it works.
I went to my blog. WordPress detected my browser and knew it is from an hand held device. So it gave the mobile version of Blog.
It is perfect. I don’t need to setup an separated domain for mobile device. Just like some site named as The regular site domain is
The configuration steps as below.

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Validation – jQuery Plugins

I make a web form which have about 25 fields. Including date, text, number. I need a tool to doing the client side data validation.
Because I am learning jQuery. So I decide to go to jQuery official site. I think there may be some plugins.
Actually there are lots plugins related to form validation.
I chose the Validation.
It is preaty simplay when I need to validate some fields.
The code is:

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WordPress and Simple Tags

I have an installation of WordPress for one of my Blog. It is running over one year.
For WordPress, I have something to record related to the tag, the most important feature of Web2.0 or Blog.
As every WP fans know, WordPress is V2.3.1 now. It is free for download, and Open Sourced.
The embedded tag system of WP 2.3.1 is still not good enough. So I try to find a better one, not the best one.
Simple Tags is popped up into my eye. The latest version is 1.2, works on WordPress 2.3.x. That means it is WordPress 2.3.x native plugin.
To install it is very simply, I don’t want to repeat the readme file of the download package. You can find it.
To use it, is also very easy.
I’d like to list some feature I do like.
1) Suggested tags
2) Mass Edit Tags
3) Related posts
4) Tag cloud
5) Post without tags
At the end of this post, the site I mentioned in the beginning is Self-Study Resource.

Anti Forum spammer by SpamWords

As I mentioned before, I install a Spamwords 1.1.3 plugin on PHPBB 2.0.22. After about one and half month use, I feel it is so good to provent lots of spam from displaying on my G2Soft Support forum.
It is like a Wall to protect the phpbb. The spammer is blocked and the IP address is banned either.
Let me list some popular spam words I used when detect the message.
There are three types of spam words.
1) Adult content;
2) Medicine;
3) fake software;
4) Other items, say, Furniture;
The list of spam words keep growing. When I see some new type of Spam, I will add these into the spam words. So next time some spammers try to post will be blocked.
During past 1 and half month, it blocked over one hundred spams. It is not including the spam post I deleted manually about 10 posts.
This Spam Words is good and powerfull. If you have a PHPBB forum. I highly recommend it to you to protect your system.

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