I make a web form which have about 25 fields. Including date, text, number. I need a tool to doing the client side data validation.
Because I am learning jQuery. So I decide to go to jQuery official site. I think there may be some plugins.
Actually there are lots plugins related to form validation.
I chose the Validation.
It is preaty simplay when I need to validate some fields.
The code is:


The latest vesion is 1.1.2
It has following features:
* Easy to setup
* 19 built-in validation methods, more in addition
* Inline-error-message display (no more alerts!), heavily customizable
* Extensible: Add your own validation methods and reuse them
* Use inline metadata or plugin options to specify your validation rules
* Carefully designed interaction: Doesn’t annoy users with errors they hadn’t a chance to fix, but gives them feedback as early as possible when fixing errors, via filtered keyup and blur events on each field
Validation home site

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