Top 10 jQuery resources

Now to learn jQuery, everyone needs some studying resources.
The basic ones are shown as below:
1) jQuery official site.
Download jQuery 1.2.1
2) Documents of jQuery from official site.
3) Visual jQuery
4) jQuery Basics: From, this tutorial steps you through launching code on document ready, making something happen on click, adding a class, creating special effects, and working with callbacks.
5) Getting Started with jQuery: Covers a simple “hello world” example, selector and event basics, AJAX, FX, and usage and authoring of plugins. Knowledge of JavaScript and the document object model (DOM) is required.
6) 15 Days of jQuery: Tutorials and example code for table striping, safer mailto links, stylesheet switching, multiple-file uploading, and more.
7) jQuery Reference Guide: It is a reference book. $33.44 on Amazon.
8) Learning jQuery
9) jQuery UI
10) The last will be my Blog, Ajax section.
Spend two weeks on them. I think I can use jQuery to make some web application with some Web 2.0 features.

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