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How to install SSL certificate in Webmin

It is a little bit tricky when I install SSL certificate in Webmin. Here is a how-to of installation of it.

Now Webmin is version 1.710, on CentOS 6.5.

The SSL certificate is issued by Comodo.

The very important part is the key and certificates themselves. I have all these files from But I know know how to combin them or which one is the correct file.

So, make two files first.

1) Combine server private key and certificate into one file.


<code>-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
(Contents of private key)
(Contents of SSL certificate: your_domain_name.crt)
-----END CERTIFICATE----- </code>

It is for chained certificates.

(contents of COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt)

(contents of COMODORSAAddTrustCA.crt)

Save both files into /etc/webmin/

2) Sign in webmin with http protocol.

Goto, Webmin > Webmin Configuration > SSL Encryption

Filling the fields of Private Key and Additional certificate files.

And also choose Yes on “Enable SSL if available? “.

Click Save and it works right away.


Then when you need to access webmin. The URL is

No more warning of self-signed certificate.


Security for VOIP

Information technology has seen a major development in this decade that has created more innovative products to make communication faster and cheaper than we expect. Internet telephony or the (VOIP) voice over internet protocol is one of the major development that has made voice transmission more clear, fast and cheaper. Broadband service and fiber optics have facilitated the growth of VOIP technology and is expected to be used in a wider spectrum. There are a few threats or cautions like spamming, spoofing and identity threats that have been alarmed since the emergence of this technology.
1. (SPIT) Spam over internet telephony is a mix of telemarketing and spam. Calls are free or cost much lesser not just for customers but also for marketing companies. A large volume of VOIP calls and messages can pile up in your inbox which will be sent using automated programs. Also they will occupy large mega bytes of storage which can reduce the traffic of genuine and wanted messages.
2. Spoofing is a method of creating a mask or fake identity using the internet telephone. Since internet telephone use a MAC (Media access control) address for identification, spoofing of the MAC also possible. This can help hackers and attackers to make the customers believe that the call is from a known or trusted source. These calls can make the customers disclose personal information like account numbers, (SSN) Social security number and other authentic information.

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How to upgrade phpBB 3.0.4 to phpBB3.0.5

To upgrade phpBB properly without problem, I make a detailed upgrading plan. I would like to share it with you.
1. Disable forum board.
It is important to make the board clean. And keep resource usage low.
2. Backup
The most important part is backup.
2.1. Database backup
2.1.1. phpBB own tools
Admin Control Panel > Maintenance > Backup
Complete backup with gzip, including all tables, save and download.
(if your board has a lot of posts, the index table is very big. I prefer to clean the index first. Just like me, index table is about 200MB)
2.1.2. phpMyAdmin tool
Login your own phpMyAdmin web tool for MySQL database. Select your database and click Export all tables. My exported file is about 50MB.
2.2. Backup all phpBB 3.0.4 files.
SSH your host.

tar czvf forum.tar.gz ~/

3. Download “Automatic Update Package”.
For upgrade, I like this package. It can merge your previous changes or mod on you old phpBB when doing upgrading.

cd ~/source/
wget the package.
tar xjf phpBB-3.0.4_to_3.0.5.tar.bz2
cp -r ./install/ ~/

4. Upgrade
start upgrade following the upgrading wizard.
After it. Rename the install folder or delete it.
Enable the board.

Travel site in English market

Destinia is a very famous travel agency in Spanish. It has a lot of facilities to help user to find a hotel right for him. Look, it has a catalogue with more than 150.000 hotels in countries all over the world. It is a big database.
Now Destinia introduces in English market. English is the most used language in the world. So it open the biggest door to the people want to search a good deal of vacation.


The price of the hotel Destinia recommended is reasonable.
The best deal of Paris is GBP25. GBP35 for London, GBP40 for New York, GBP25 for Tokyo, and GBP15 for Bangkok.

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Online TV guide

More and more people have the high speed internet connection at home. How about the online TV?
I have this site in my favority for years. It is a wonderful guide for online TV station around the World.
There are over 2600+ TV stations on the list, grouped by the country.
For exampe, 54 stations in Canada,

You can also sorting the stations by category, say sports, kids, etc.

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Top 10 jQuery resources

Now to learn jQuery, everyone needs some studying resources.
The basic ones are shown as below:
1) jQuery official site.
Download jQuery 1.2.1
2) Documents of jQuery from official site.
3) Visual jQuery
4) jQuery Basics: From, this tutorial steps you through launching code on document ready, making something happen on click, adding a class, creating special effects, and working with callbacks.
5) Getting Started with jQuery: Covers a simple “hello world” example, selector and event basics, AJAX, FX, and usage and authoring of plugins. Knowledge of JavaScript and the document object model (DOM) is required.
6) 15 Days of jQuery: Tutorials and example code for table striping, safer mailto links, stylesheet switching, multiple-file uploading, and more.
7) jQuery Reference Guide: It is a reference book. $33.44 on Amazon.
8) Learning jQuery
9) jQuery UI
10) The last will be my Blog, Ajax section.
Spend two weeks on them. I think I can use jQuery to make some web application with some Web 2.0 features.

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