WordPress and Simple Tags

I have an installation of WordPress for one of my Blog. It is running over one year.
For WordPress, I have something to record related to the tag, the most important feature of Web2.0 or Blog.
As every WP fans know, WordPress is V2.3.1 now. It is free for download, and Open Sourced.
The embedded tag system of WP 2.3.1 is still not good enough. So I try to find a better one, not the best one.
Simple Tags is popped up into my eye. The latest version is 1.2, works on WordPress 2.3.x. That means it is WordPress 2.3.x native plugin.
To install it is very simply, I don’t want to repeat the readme file of the download package. You can find it.
To use it, is also very easy.
I’d like to list some feature I do like.
1) Suggested tags
2) Mass Edit Tags
3) Related posts
4) Tag cloud
5) Post without tags
At the end of this post, the site I mentioned in the beginning is Self-Study Resource.

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