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Update Kindle Touch firmware to 5.3.2 from 5.1.2

Amazon released the new firmware of Kindle Touch. Firmware 5.3.2. Update procedures are clearly described at official site here. Three steps: Download the firmware 5.3.2. It is 50MB. File name is Update_kindle_5.3.2.bin Copy the file to Kindle root. Press Menu > Settings, then press Menu > Update Your Kindle, wait the device update and restart.

Fixed a strange network problem

I have three routers in house. One is provided by ISP, Telus. It is 2 in 1, including modem and router. The second router is Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. It is placed beside Telus device. There two are connected with lan cable. Both are in the living room ground floor. The third router is located at basement.

Upgrade O!Play HDP-R1 firmware to 1.41N

Upgrade my O!Play HDP-R1 from 1.38N to 1.41N. For 1.41N 1. Fix the issue that in photo grid view mode, only first BMP picture will be shown correctly, the rest BMP files will be shown as question marks. For 1.39N Fix the HDD hanging issue when plugging external Buffalo HDD into O!Play. I did not

DNS-323 firmware update to 1.10

It is time to update my DNS-323. D-Link just release the new firmware 1.10. Here is the release notes I re-formated. Because the format of release notes in the download package is so bad. 1. Replace upnp av server with Rovi media server. 2. Bugfix : BT causing web crashed issue. 3. AutoIP bugFix :

Asus O!Play HDP-R1 V1.38N

Last time I upgraded Asus O!Play to v1.33N in last Oct. So check the official site, found the latest one is v1.38N. There is also v1.35N in between. The updates from v1.33 to v1.38 are below. Add new feature: Hungarian menu support. Fix bug: O!Play will restart when inserting ASUS HS-1000W. Added MKV header compression

Upgrade WZR-HP-G300NH to latest DD-WRT firmware

I have my WZR-HP-G30NH router running for more than 200 days without restart. As I mentioned I would upgrade the firmware to the latest one. I have already use DD-WRT firmware. The version on my router was v24-sp2(02/24/10) std build13977. I check the router database, the latest I can use is build14896. There are two

ASUS o!Play firmware v1.33 update description

Just found the update description on o!Play HDP-R1 firmware v1.33 O!Play HDP-R1 firmware update (For NTSC TV system user) 1. Add Podcast media service 2. Shorten the time of samba scanning 3. Improve HDMI compatibility 4. Fix photo slide show issue: system will be reset when playing some jpg files 5. Fix weather service issue:

Asus O!Play release firmware v 1.33N

Just be noticed that ASUS released O!Play HDP-R1 firmware 1.33. From the support forum, I saw some posts regarding the issues of this new firmware. You can see here, here. From the download page of this product screen, NO CHANGE LOG. Some people upgrade from v1.30 to 1.33, and have to downgrade it back.