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Download O!Play firmware NTSC for North America

I saw some comments related downloading problem for ASUS O!Play firmware. So put the firmware to the site for easy access is good idea.
If you do not know how to update the firmware, check the howto here.
Please ensure the television system or standard used in your country or location before updating the firmware.
N.A. (U.S.A./Canada)
The download links:
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.30 NTSC (30.9M) Donwload
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.29 NTSC (30.9M) Download
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.24 NTSC (28.16M) Download
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.21 NTSC (27.91M) Download

Asus O!Play release firmware v 1.30N

Asus released v1.30N on Aug. 10, 2010.
O!Play HDP-R1 firmware update (For NTSC TV system user)
1.Improve TrueHD compatibility with Sony receiver STRDH800
2.Resolve Samba Network Neighborhood detection problem.!Play+HDP-R1&page=1&SLanguage=en-us

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Upgrade Asus o!play firmware to 1.29N

I did the upgrade of my Asus O!Play last month.
It is great to have so many features on it and keep add new features when upgrading.
I have written a post about how to Upgrade O!Play firmware. It is helpful. Because I saw lots of people doing the search and landed on my post to get the guide of upgrading.
Let us see what is new in 1.29N firmware.

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Two upgrades

I did two upgrades on my toys.
One is ASUS O!Play 1.29N.
Upgrade is just download new firmware, decompress it and put it into USB disk. Plug it in the OPlay and navigate to the setup, firmware, upgrade. One minute, Done.
The other one is D-link DNS323 v1.09.
It is more simple. Download firmware form official site, Decompress and login the admin panel of DNS323. Upgrade through menu.

O!Play 1.24N release

I upgrade my O!Play from 1.21N to 1.24N
O!Play HDP-R1 firmware update (For NTSC TV system user)
Improve HDMI compatibility with certain Toshiba TV set.
***Please ensure the television system or standard used in your country or location before updating the firmware.
1.24N (NTSC):
N.A. (U.S.A./Canada)
The way to upgrade is same as before. Simply and quick.
Go to Asus O!Play official site to download the firmware.

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Upgrade O!Play to 1.21N

Today, I upgrade O!Play firmware from 1.17N to 1.21N. There are so many new features I would like to show.
On v1.18
Update Item:
1.Improve subtitle font support for the missing characters
2.Add in txt subtitle format support
3.Add in file and folder management function. Press left key to delete or rename it.
4.Add in 0.9x zoom out option
5.Add in sleep timer function
On v1.21
Internet service:
1. Over 20,000 internet radio stations
2. Over 100 internet TV channels
3. Flickr
4. Picasa
5. Weather

New functions:
1. Add BD iso navigation and subtitle identification
2. Add BD/DVD direct play by folder
3. Add hue and saturation tuning in video setup menu
4. Add Brazil language support
5. Add power saving function in system setup menu
6. Add My shortcut edit function
Fixed bugs:
1. Fix UPnP bug: wrong data information
2. Fix Timezone setting bug: can’t stop issue
3. Fix Clear key does not work when key in encrypted string
4. Improve JiPin 8042 HDMI compatibility

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DNS-323 Firmware 1.08 Release

Just upgrade my DNS-323 firmware from 1.07 to 1.08.
DNS-323 Firmware Release Notes
Firmware: 1.08
Date: 02/17/2010
1. Now supports 2TB Disks.
2. Add Scandisk support.
3. Add Support for EXT3.
4. Supports D-Link? DNS-323 Yahoo! Widget. Check out your BT downloads right from your desktop!
5. New applications can be modulized and be installed to disk using APKG.
6. Support for Bonjour added via APKG modules.
7. Support for NFS (as a server) added via APKG modules.
8. Support System Logging/FTP Logging.
9. Bugfix: Unable to save the modified word/excel file which already in device through Samba.
10. Bugfix: when upgrading from a older f/w to the latest v1.08 f/w, the FAN run in high speed continually.
11. Email Alerts: Extends the Sender’s address limitation to 63 characters.
12. Email Alerts: Can now send email notification when BT is done downloading.
13. Email Alerts: Can now send email when the raid is put in degrade mode.
14. Email Alerts: Now Capable of sending logs by email.
15. Email Setup: Add the ability to manually configure your SMTP mail server port.
16 FTP Server: Now supports Hebrew codepage.
17. FTP Server: Now supports FXP transfers.
18 FTP Server: Add the ability to specify Passive port ranges for FTP.
19. FTP Server: Add the ability to set the FTP server to ONLY accept SSL/TLS connections and reject regular non-authenticated connections.
20. Users can now assign a shared folder for storing BT’s torrents.
21. UPnP AV Server: Now supports streaming the following file extensions: WAV, OGG, FLAC, MKV, APE, IFO, ISO, AAC, DIVX, M4A, M2TS, ISO
22. UPnP AV Server: Now able to handle spaces in file names.
23. UPnP AV Server: Now able to handle long file names.
24. UPnP AV Server: If it runs across a corrupt file then it just skip’s it instead of stopping the scan all together.
25. iTunes Server: iTunes Server is now capable of indexing more than 50,000 songs.
26. ITunes Server: Ability Replace existing iTunes server (mt-daapd) with new released software, Firefly by APKG module..
27. BitTorrent: BT can be uninstalled if it is installed via APKG.
28. Quota setting are now saved to the Configuration file.
29. DDNS: Add support for no-ip via APKG module.
30. Improved DST GUI design.
31. Disk formatting error codes are now given to help troubleshoot.
32. Ability to control the devices LED status of ON or OFF to minimize the amount of blue ?adiance?generated by your DNS-323.
33. Add the ability to turn off the hard drive after more than 30 minutes (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) in Power Management Settings.
34. Status Page: More In-depth Network information on status page, (Current Rx/Tx, Day/Week/Month etc., Device Uptime).
35. Samba Share mode and User mode auto switching to fix Vista login issue.
36. Support Auto Power Recovery (For HW C1 only).
37. The following items have had Help information added on the GUI:
FTP Server->Passive Mode,SSL/TSL.
Time->Daylight Saving Dates(DST Start,DST End).
System->Power LED CONTROL.
38. GUI has the ability to enable HTTPS (SSL) access only instead of allowing HTTP/S access by default.
39. Normal to Raid1: Creates a new volume for the remaining disk space after creating the Raid partition.
40. PHYSICAL DISK INFO: Now shows “L”–Left or “R”–Right instead of “1” or “2”.
41. Shut off fan at desired temp (ability to check always on low, Add always on).
42. Applications: Scheduled downloads URL limit increased to 235 characters (up from 120).
43. Applications: Scheduled downloads now has Ajax Download bar similar to BT Page (no refresh required).

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Upgrade O!Play firmware

I have an Asus O!Play media player almost one month. It comes with firmware Version 1.07N. The N means NTSC.
Just in one week. Asus released two firmware, 1.11 and 1.13.
New features including:
1.Improve the compatibility of HDMI cable
2.Add video/audio information when pressing “DISPLAY” button twice
3.Add thumbnail view for picture browsing
4.Add more setting choices of subtitle such as color, font size, and location etc.
5.Add sorting ways for easy file searching
You can download the latest firmware from Asus official site here.
Let me write down the steps of upgrading firmware of Asus O!play.
0. Go to the Asus official site to download the firmware file. It is about 36MB. The key is to make sure download the right file which is suitable to your TV. N for NTSC. P for PAL.
Decompress the file and copy the install.img into your USB disk.

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