I bought a new Router from Costco two months ago. D-Link DIR-880L Dual Band Router AC1900. It replaced my old DIR-850L.

The most important reason, which makes me decide to buy it, is the price, $99.97. The current market price of it is $159.99 at NCIX or $189.99 at Dell.ca today.


The second important reason is that it is AC1900.

Let me show you the difference between AC1200 and AC1900

AC1200: 300 + 867

AC1900: 600 + 1300

There is a chart compared DIR-850L with DIR-880L side by side.


Look at what I got from the Costco.

DIR-880L Box Front View
DIR-880L Box Front View


DIR-880L Box Back View
DIR-880L Box Back View


DIR-880L Content
DIR-880L Content

Compare with my old DIR-850L, I know the signal range is bigger. Now I can use Wi-Fi in my son’s bedroom.  And also the connection is more stable and even a lot of devices get connected.

D-Link DIR-880L A2

Broadcom BCM4708A, Dual Core 800MHZ CPU, 256MB RAM, 128MB Flash.

Switch: in BCM4708A

2.4 GHz: Broadcom BCM4360, Skyworks SE2623L 2.4GHz Power Amp X3

5 GHz: Broadcom BCM4360, Skyworks SE5003L1 5GHz Power Amp X3

D-Link DIR-850L A1

Realtek TRL8197D single core 660MHz CPU. 128MB RAM, 128MB Flash.

Switch: Realtek RTL8367RB

2.4 GHz: Realtek TRL8192CE, (2×2 bgn), no amplifiers

5 GHz: Realtek TRL8812AR, (2×2 agnac), unidentified 5 Ghz amps x2.


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  1. Good comparision. So which DD-wrt version did you install on this box? I have an A2 version and cant find a load that works. appreciate any advice you may be able to give.

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