DD-WRT vs Factory default ROM on D-link DIR-880L

I bought D-Link DIR-880L last year. One of the features of it is DD-WRT compatible.

Three weeks ago, I downloaded the dd-wrt firmware and flashed it on the router.

The version I downloaded is DD-WRT v3.0-r30432 std.

Based on the forum, it said 30432 is the working version for DIR-880L.


The flash procedure is quite simple. Just use the DIR-880L web admin portal to flash the web flash bin file.

It works, but it is not as good as the original factory ROM.

Two problems I found.

  1. The WiFi signal is not as strong as old one. No WiFI at some rooms.
  2. It is not as stable as before. Sometimes the connection is lost.

Then, I think it is time to flash the original ROM.


The best way to revert install the original firmware to D-Link DIR-880L

1. Disconnect the power to router

2. Set IP address to

3. Connect computer via ethernet to LAN 1 (I’ve also disconnected from all wireless networks)

4. Hold reset with a pen and while holding reset, plug in the power

5. Power LED should now be flashing orange and LAN 1 solid green after 5-15 seconds

6. Then browse to to be greeted by the emergency room (I use Chrome if that matters)

Then flash the bin file above. All the D-Link stuff come back.

Connect to the router recovery mode
Upgrade successfully


The story is starting from IPv6. I want to use HE.Net ipv6 channel broker service. It needs to ping my ipv4 address. But D-Link DIR-880L does not the response the ICMP. It disabled the function and can not change it from the web admin interface. The old version of D-Link web admin has this kind of function. But the new version admin web interface has blocked it by default.

I think DD-WRT firmware has a lot of features and can almost change anything of the router. That is the main reason I flashed the DD-WRT firmware on DIR-880L.

But the most important is the connection ability and stability. So, now my router is using the latest factory firmware.