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How to resolve yum update errors at CentOS 6.5

I have a CentOS installation on a VPS. When I try to update it through Webmin, it always give me some error looks like below: Multilib version problems found, balabala.. This error kept coming. There are always four updates can not be done. Actually two with two different version. libxml2 i386 2.7.6-14.el6 libxml2 x86_64 2.7.6-14.el6

Upgrade DIR-850L firmware to v1.09

My DIR-850L has firmware 1.06 now.  Yesterday, I saw 1.09 is released in September, 2013. I checked the release notes of it, below. Firmware:   v1.09   9/17/2013 NA and EU Region Revision Info: ¤ Block traffic between WAN and LAN ports during booting ¤ Fixed UPnP security issue ¤ Improved wireless IOT issue ¤ Enhanced direct access stability

Upgrade Calibre to 1.8.0

New Features of 1.8.0 DOCX Input: Support linked (as opposed to embedded) images, if the linked image is found on the local computer. FB2 Input: Add support for note and cite back references. Link pairs of type=”note” and type=”cite” now automatically generate the correct back reference. When automerging books during during an add, include the