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Download O!Play firmware NTSC for North America

I saw some comments related downloading problem for ASUS O!Play firmware. So put the firmware to the site for easy access is good idea.
If you do not know how to update the firmware, check the howto here.
Please ensure the television system or standard used in your country or location before updating the firmware.
N.A. (U.S.A./Canada)
The download links:
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.30 NTSC (30.9M) Donwload
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.29 NTSC (30.9M) Download
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.24 NTSC (28.16M) Download
HDP-R1 Firmware 1.21 NTSC (27.91M) Download

Firefox release 3.6.9, keep your browser updated

Just update my Browser from 3.6.8 to 3.6.9

Mozilla Firefox is so good. Keep it update is very important.
Firefox 3.6.9 fixes the following issues found in previous versions of Firefox 3.6:

MFSA 2010-63 Information leak via XMLHttpRequest statusText
MFSA 2010-62 Copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop into designMode document allows XSS
MFSA 2010-61 UTF-7 XSS by overriding document charset using type attribute
MFSA 2010-59 SJOW creates scope chains ending in outer object
MFSA 2010-58 Crash on Mac using fuzzed font in data: URL
MFSA 2010-57 Crash and remote code execution in normalizeDocument
MFSA 2010-56 Dangling pointer vulnerability in nsTreeContentView
MFSA 2010-55 XUL tree removal crash and remote code execution
MFSA 2010-54 Dangling pointer vulnerability in nsTreeSelection
MFSA 2010-53 Heap buffer overflow in nsTextFrameUtils::TransformText
MFSA 2010-52 Windows XP DLL loading vulnerability
MFSA 2010-51 Dangling pointer vulnerability using DOM plugin array
MFSA 2010-50 Frameset integer overflow vulnerability

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Windows Updates does not work

I have a Widnwos XP pc has the update problem as below:

When attempting to run Windows Update the following message appears: ‘Error number: 0x8DDD0018.’ This message states that the Automatic Updates, BITS, and Event Log services must be started, but they are all started and WinUpdates still fails.

First I know, this pc has kind of virus or spyware. I clean them and make it looks OK. But still can not update.
Later I find the post and the solution.
run command from command window.

regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll

After it, enable the service above and run windows update. Works.

Update PHP and MySQL on CentOS 5.3

I have a VPS server. The OS is CentOS 5.3 (final)
It is running very well. Because I like to keep software updated. So I use yum command to update it.

It told me nothing to update. OK.

PHP 5.2.6 and MySQL 5.0.77 installed on CentOS 5.3

To keep it update, I have to add repository.

Let me describe the steps.

1) SSH to the server

2) Run following command

#rpm --import
#vi /etc/yum.repos.d/utterramblings.repo

3) Add following content into the utterramblings.repo

name=Jason's Utter Ramblings Repo

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