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OTA update on Nexus 7 2013 Wifi version

Just received an OTA update and I pressed the install without hesitate. But it is only another small security update for Android 5.1.1. From LMY48M to LMY48T.

Baded on the post on xda developers forum, Android 6, Marshmallow update is available to Nexus 7 2013 Wifi version. It will be MRA58K.

This post said Nexus 9 or some Nexus 6 version need to upgrade from LMY48M to LMY48T first, then it can be upgraded to MRA58K. They are two parts upgrade.

So, can I say the MRA58K will be soon on my Nexus 7?

LMY48M LMY48Tupdate notice

One more update of Android 5.1.1 on Nexus 7 (2013)

Today, my Nexus 7 device got another OTA update of system.

The update size is 13.8MB per below screen.

2015-09-10 19.51.07

It said that this update will improve stability, increase security, and fix bugs.

Before update, the system > About Tablet screen shown as below.

2015-09-10 19.50.58

Build number LMY48I

After update, the build number is LMY48M, but the android version is still 5.1.1.


2015-09-10 20.57.41

For me, I just want the Nexus 7 has longer battery. Especialy when I play the game, Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda, the back of device, near the camera, is very hot.


Small update of Nexus 7

My Nexus 7 got another update again, when I am back home. It is said, “This software update will upgrade your Nexus 7 to improve stability, increase security, and ifx bugs. Downloading updates over a mobile network or while roaming may cause additional charges. Update size:10.3MB.”


2015-08-12 01.47.16

After installation and restarting. The system Android version is still 5.1.1. Build number is LMY481. It is an update of 5.1.1, over previous 5.1.1.

Based on the industry news, Google will issue montly updates for its Nexus devices.

Upgrade to Calibre 2.20


New Features of v2.20

  • ODT Input: Add backlinks for footnotes/endnotes and improve their formatting.
  • Windows: When running on windows 8 and newer register with default programs so that users can more easily select calibre or its viewer/editor as the default program to launch ebook files.
  • Make publishers in the book details panel clickable
  • Edit Book spell check: For mis-spelled words of the form one:two offer one: two as a suggested correction.

New Features of v2.19

  • Quick view window: Allow the quickview window to be docked into the main calibre window.
  • Add empty book: Allow setting the title as well as the author and series for the added empty book records
  • Windows driver for Grammata Papyre 602.
  • Edit Book: Add an option to turn off auto-completion of closing tags
  • Allow adding a description for custom columns.
  • Book Details panel: Allow any identifier of the form url+number to become a clickable link. For example: url1:

New Features of v2.18

  • Edit Book: Add ‘Style Classes’ and ‘Links’ report pages to the Reports tool
  • Tag browser: Allow expanding all children of a node by right clicking and choosing ‘Expand All’
  • Preferences: Re-arrange the controls to avoid needing to move the mouse from the top to the bottom of the dialog when closing the dialog after making some changes

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Problem opening package openssl-1.0.1e-30.el6_6.5.x86_64.rpm

I have a CentOs server. There is an error when I try to update the system.


error: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID c105b9de: BAD
Problem opening package openssl-1.0.1e-30.el6_6.5.x86_64.rpm

The server version is 64bit CentOs 6.6.
The way to solve this problem is here:

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How to solve “Cannot retrieve metalink for repository: epel” Error in Centos 6

The server is CentOS 6.6 64bit. When I try ot run yum update the error shown as below:

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, security
Determining fastest mirrors
Error: Cannot retrieve metalink for repository: epel. Please verify its path and try again

The way to solve the problem is to edit


Modify https and replace them by http
Save it then run yum update.

Upgrade to Calibre 2.0

It is suddenly 2.0 now. I am still using 1.4x.



It has been a year since calibre 1.0 and lots has changed in calibre-land. The biggest new feature is an e-book editor, capable of editing ebooks in both the EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle) formats. Click on the items in the list below to learn more about each new feature.

Note that because of the move to Qt 5, calibre no longer supports either Windows XP or versions of OS X older than 10.7 (Lion). If you are using either of these operating systems, you should stay with calibre 1.48

  • The e-book editor
  • Comparing books
  • Support for Android phones and tablets on OS X
  • Now uses Qt 5
  • Support for touchscreen windows tablets
  • Improvements to library organisation

Release: 2.0 [21 Aug, 2014]

  • Add support for MTP devices (Android phones/tablets) on OS X
  • Update the version of Qt used by calibre to Qt 5. This fixes various longstanding bugs in calibre that were caused by bugs in Qt 4.
  • Edit Book: Make the edit saved search/add saved search popup window non-modal.
  • Tag Browser: Show format specific icons for the format entries in the Tag Browser
  • Library check: Add buttons to conveniently mark all fixable/deletable items.

Download 64bit Calibre here:

Update Fitbit Zip firmware 5.86

To update Fitbit Zip firmware, click the icon of Fitbit Connect on the task bar. Then click the Check the device update link.

It may ask you email and password to log in your own account. If it find updates, the screen will shown as below,


And the device will shown the updating bar.


When the update done, the Fitbit Connect will display the information:


The question is, I can not find the the version of firmware updated from the program.

I just be hit by the low battery notice, So I replace the battery CR2025.

When I put the cap on the battery, I saw the device screen shows 5.86. I believe it is the firmware version.

The latest firmware version of Fitbit Zip is 5.86 for now.



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