Calibre upgraded to 0.9.42 from 0.9.40

New Features of 0.9.42

  • When downloading metadata from Amazon, convert the amazon categories into tags. You can turn this off by going to Preferences->Metadata download and configuring the Amazon source.
  • Kobo driver: Add an option to modify the styling in books being sent to the device, based on a template on the device.
  • Get Books: Add support for two more Polish ebook stores: and ebooki.allegro.plcalibredb: Add a new clone command to create clones of libraries with the same custom columns, virtual libraries, etc. as the current library.

New Features of 0.9.41

  • Add a button to clear the current virtual library easily
  • Driver for Surftab Ventos
  • Ebook-viewer: Allow re-ordering bookmarks in the bookmarks manager by drag and drop.

Click here to donwload Calibre 64bit for Windows.

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