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The results of PAM-abl

Web, as a wild place, is not a safe playground to me. I have a server, got so many attacking everyday. It is only two small sites running on it. What can I do? I have to protect myself by my computer skills. I install and enabled PAM_abl black list function for SSH security. Now

Secure SSH with PAM-abl

It is Automatic Black-List with PAM module, which can help you to protect SSH server. I have Centos 5.5 linux server on Butstnet. From log file, I saw a lot of fail login on my SSH server every day. To save the resource and block them, I google and got the idea to install PAM-abl

VPS Performance test result

I have a VPS which has 600MB memory. Let me do the bench test. Result shown as below. BYTE UNIX Benchmarks (Version 4.1-wht.2) System — Linux serv.fromchinatousa.net 2.6.9-023stab046.2-smp #1 SMP Mon Dec 10 16:48:24 MSK 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux /dev/simfs 20725760 9441792 11283968 46% / Start Benchmark Run: Tue Mar 2 10:05:45 PST 2010

The Key Indicators of VPS

I purchased one VPS last week. There are hundred VPS provider in North America. How do I make a decision. Let’s talk about the Key Indicators of comparision of VPS. 1) Guaranteed Memory 2) Rebusted Memory 3) Disk Limit 4) Traffic Limit 5) Control Panel 6) OS options 7) IP address 8) Price After two

AMD Readies ‘Fiorano’ Server Platform for 2009

In advance of a major showdown with Intel over the next generation of computing that will pit AMD’s “Shanghai” processor architecture against a rival “Nehalem” offering that Intel has begun touting this week in earnest, AMD is letting it be known that it plans to create its first server platform, code- named Fiorano, for its

Backup server on Ubuntu

I have a Home Server at home. It should have following functions: Printer server; Fire sharing server; AMP server, including Apache, MySQL, PHP for testing purpose; P2P client to download something for fun with web interface; Backup server, to backup the files on the desktops in home lan. P2P software, I use aMule. Backup, I