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How to get Zend Server Free License

I installed  a Zend Server on one developing server. It is v6. Zend Server Version: 6.0.1 Build: branch_zend_server_release_6.0.1:69400 The original license information is trial for one week, full features. After one week, I need a Free License to use it. Now I got a Free License and it works perfectly with certain limitation. How to

Alternative Choice of Refurbished Server

Refurbished technology such as refurbished servers from PerfData.com can save a small budget. Refurbished equipment works just as well as used equipment. Most of the servers will come with a short warranty in case something happens. Servers cost a lot of money. They are not single computers that are used in a family home. They

How to config PHP to secure Web Server

There are certain PHP configuration tat affect security features.  The following recommended security configuration options is for production servers. register_globals set to off safe_mode set to off error_reporting set to off disable these functions: system(), exec(), passthru(), shell_exec(), proc_open(), and popen() open_basedir set for both the /tmp directory and the web root so that scripts


Ordered a new VPS from ServerMania. I did a test two days ago through ServerBear. The basic information about this VPS. RAM 4 GB Burstable 8GB HDD 150 GB CPU Model Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 V2 @ 3.50GHz CPU Cores 4 CPU Speed 3500 MHz CPU Cache 8192 KB 4 TB Bandwidth 4 IP address

Fixed a strange network problem

I have three routers in house. One is provided by ISP, Telus. It is 2 in 1, including modem and router. The second router is Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. It is placed beside Telus device. There two are connected with lan cable. Both are in the living room ground floor. The third router is located at basement.