Rebuild server and make it even faster

This blog is running fast compared with other blogs I saw, but I rebuild the server and make it even faster.
The Load time of home is decreased from 1.858 second to 1.219 second, or 34%.

The technology used on the new installation listed below:

  • Centos 6.5 64bit
  • Apache as backend server
  • php 5.4
  • Varnish as front cache server
  • MariaDB database server
  • Proftp Ftp server.



The very general steps to rebuild server.

  1. Backup mysql database and all files of site
  2. Rebuild Server on VPS panel
  3. Update packages
  4. Add EPEL, REMI, MariaDB repo (enable REMI repo)
  5. Install MariaDB, and run mysql_secure_installation
  6. Install Apache PHP
  7. Install PHP modules
  8. Install Varnish
  9. Config Varnish to use 80 port
  10. Config Apache to use 8080 port
  11. Restore database, and restore files.



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