My blog is rebuild a few days ago. I did a web site speed test through Pingdom. My home page is so fast.


The result looks so good.

Your website is faster than 95% of all tested websites

Even the performance grade is only 85 of 100, the load time is 647ms. Load time is more important than others.

Web site performance is a key of SEO.  If you want your site has a good search ranking, you have to improve your web server.  My blog is a good sample of it.

Let me show you how I did for my site.

  • Varnish cache server for frontend.  Use memory storage at Varnish.
  • Use php5.4. php5.4 is faster than php5.3.
  • Implement w3tc plugin in WordPress installation.
  • Add CDN, Xcache for performance improvement of WordPress.
  • Use MariaDB instead of MySQL.
  • Use Innodb instead of MyIsAM.

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