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OpenSSH server Security Top 6

OpenSSH is very popular SSH server. Widely used on different Linux distribution. I used it for many years on my VPS server. It is easy to use, but security is the top issue for any server. Here is the top 6 security settings for Open SSH server. To make it safe and minimize the risk,

Amazon extend Edge Locations in Paris

Got the newsletter from Amazon. We’re excited to inform you about the addition of a new edge location in Paris, France to serve end users of Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53. With this new location, CloudFront and Route 53 now have a total of 5 edge locations in Europe, and 18 total edge locations

Cancel Swvps service

Because of the service is not stable any more, to protect my sites and save the traffic, I have to move all my sites from Swvps to other VPS. I said, I give up it. So I submit the cancellation request ticket to Swvps. Ask for canceling my VPS at the end of billing cycle.

Amazon CloudFront support custom origin

Amazon just announced that CloudFront now support custom origin, which means users can use their own server as the original content storage. You don’t have to use S3 as origin. It is more flexible for users. Easy to integrated with CMS system. Her are some reference of custom origin. Defination of Origin Server. Developer Guide:

Webmin 1.520 on CentOS 5.5 Linux

Webmin: Web Control Panel for Linux server. CentOS: My favorite Linux Distribution I have VPS powered by CentOS 5.5. Webmin 1.520 running on it. For most of the jobs, I don’t have to go to the command environment. It works like a dream. The VPS running on Burstnet. I have my Chinese SEO Blog on