Yes, it is true. I have see so many blue screens on a brand new PC server with Windows 2008 Server R2.
The hardware including following items:
Intel i5 2500 CPU
1TB SATA2 Hard Disk
ASUS P8P67 R3 mother board
Corsair DDR3 Memory 4GBX2
ASUS HD5450 512M Video card.
I installed Windows Server 2008 R2 on it. 64bit OS is my choice.
After few days running, it has blue screen randomly. Sometimes it happened 4 days up. Sometimes it is 10 days up.
It is not predicted.
Blue Screen error code is as blow:
I tried update Intel Chip set driver, update BIOS of mother board. Change SATA cable, chage SATA port.
Still has this kind of error when Blue Screen.

Later last week, I saw a thread on a hardware forum. It mentioned it may be the video driver problem.
I did a diagnose, I use a default Standard VGA driver on it. Most of time I log in the server remotely. And ASUS mother board and ASUS video card should not have compatible issue when they work together.
So I download its Windows 7 64bit driver, because that it has no Windows 2008 driver.
After I use the ASUS video driver on it, no blue screen until now.
Hope it can help you when you have similar hardware issue.

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