Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server

During last two nights, I tried Ubuntu 8.04 server on my old computer.
Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition
The computer which I installed server on is used as my main desktop before. It has AMD CPU and mobo 7 years old and two old Harddisk, one 60G, one 40G. I put 3 memory modules, total 1,536M, or 1.5G.
The performance is good.
I would like to make it as my Home Server with following features.

  • File server for desktops and/or laptop in future.
  • Printer server, attached by Samsung printer.
  • Media server, with capacity for MP3, Video files.
  • Web Server for testing purpose.

The installation is very simply, no more words to say.

After Ubuntu 8.04 installed, I installed Webmin 1.410.
I use SSH and Webmin to manage this server.