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A great file sharing sites search engine

I do a lot of search every day. From Google, Yahoo, Bing, to some vertical search engine. Each search engine has its own power.
Today, I would like to introduce one of the file search engine. You know, there are a lot of file storing, file sharing sites. Such as,, etc. You can do the search on every site mentioned above, but can not do one search including all the sites without the Search Engine I introduced here.
It is General-search, one file sharing search.
Say, I want to look up the ebook, “Webbots spiders and screen scrapers”.

I enter the file search engine web address into firefox. Put the book name into the search box, click search.
It return four results as below.

From the four results, I click the Download button. It lead me to the result page. The page has alternative sponsored link, and download button, Click the download button, will go to the file download page on file sharing site.

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Dropbox looks good

I have some files need to be sync between office PC and home computer.
Sometimes I use USB disk, sometimes I use email. The problem is I may forget which one is updated one. It did happen that I use the old version overwrite the new one.
No I found Dropbox, which can solve my problem. At least it is what he said.
After click the link above, and download the program, install it in your computer.
You can have an folder to be sync with your pc and other computer.
Dropbox will keep a 30 day history of your files which in the Dropbox folder.

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Error 0x800C0133 of Outlook Express

One desktop with Windows 2000 pro works fine, until one day. It can not receive email any more. Any time I click send/receive button on the Outlook Express, it gives me an error box, said 0x800C0133.
What’s wrong. I go to check the email folder. The physical file store all emails.
The inbox.dbx is over 2 GB.
I can see the oldest email is March 2005. The user has never organize the email and he still want to access these emails.
He is lucky, the inbox is still not corrupt. It just can not receive email any more.

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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server

During last two nights, I tried Ubuntu 8.04 server on my old computer.
Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition
The computer which I installed server on is used as my main desktop before. It has AMD CPU and mobo 7 years old and two old Harddisk, one 60G, one 40G. I put 3 memory modules, total 1,536M, or 1.5G.
The performance is good.
I would like to make it as my Home Server with following features.

  • File server for desktops and/or laptop in future.
  • Printer server, attached by Samsung printer.
  • Media server, with capacity for MP3, Video files.
  • Web Server for testing purpose.

The installation is very simply, no more words to say.

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