One desktop with Windows 2000 pro works fine, until one day. It can not receive email any more. Any time I click send/receive button on the Outlook Express, it gives me an error box, said 0x800C0133.
What’s wrong. I go to check the email folder. The physical file store all emails.
The inbox.dbx is over 2 GB.
I can see the oldest email is March 2005. The user has never organize the email and he still want to access these emails.
He is lucky, the inbox is still not corrupt. It just can not receive email any more.

So first, I create some new folders in Outlook Express, named 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Move the email of that year to the relevant folder. It took time.
When I finish moving, I close the Outlook Express, go to the folder of the inbox.dbx and delete it, the 2GB file.
Then I restart the Outlook Express. It rebuild the file inbox.dbx.
Now everything comes normal.
The Outlook Express use Access as the email storage engine. The index.dbx is actually an Access file. So the file size limit is 2GB.

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