Firefox 3.0.5 release

Firefox 3.0.5 is released today
Fixed several security issues.

MFSA 2008-69 XSS vulnerabilities in SessionStore
MFSA 2008-68 XSS and JavaScript privilege escalation
MFSA 2008-67 Escaped null characters ignored by CSS parser
MFSA 2008-66 Errors parsing URLs with leading whitespace and control characters
MFSA 2008-65 Cross-domain data theft via script redirect error message
MFSA 2008-64 XMLHttpRequest 302 response disclosure
MFSA 2008-63 User tracking via XUL persist attribute
MFSA 2008-60 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:

Fixed several stability issues
Replaced the End-User License Agreement with a new “Know Your Rights” info bar on initial install.
When installing multiple signed XPIs simultaneously, previous versions of Firefox would fail.
Fixed several issues found in the accessibility implementation.
Added the ability to send OS-specific system notes in the crash reporter
Do upgrade your Firefox 3.0.4 to 3.0.5 immediately.
It is always good to keep your software updated.

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