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Error 0x800C0133 of Outlook Express

One desktop with Windows 2000 pro works fine, until one day. It can not receive email any more. Any time I click send/receive button on the Outlook Express, it gives me an error box, said 0x800C0133. What’s wrong. I go to check the email folder. The physical file store all emails. The inbox.dbx is over

AT&T Yahoo! DSL Internet package

I help my parents in law to sign up for DSL Internet service from ATT They use Dial-Up previously, cost them about 10 bucks. Now the AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet Basic Package is $14.99 per month with following features: Speed: 384 Kbps to 768 Kbps downstream / 128 Kbps upstream IP Assignment Method: 1

Error regarding collating sequence for Access

I have a site driven by Access database. Today I compacted this database and browse the web page which will access this database. I got the error message, “Selected collating sequence not supported by the operating system.” It looks so strange, I do nothing except compacting. The real reason is because this database file is