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Toner Replacement for Samsung ML-1915

I have a laser printer, Samsung ML-1915. I got it about six years ago. Early January, my daughter found the prints are not clear. I checked it and found the toner is almost gone. I need to buy new toners.

First I did the search on the Internet. Checked the Staples and other stores online, it is so expensive. Over $100 each. I kept looking for the replacement.

At the last, I ordered 2pk toners from Toner4U through Two toners total $33.85, including tax, free shipping. I ordered on Jan 28. Received on Feb 2.

jkML-1915 toner, Front view of the Box


Look at the red sticker. The box shows the model of toner, MLT-D105L.

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How to Save toner When Printing Large amount of copies?

Words from HP:

Use EconoMode (draft) printing to print with less toner onĀ each page. Selecting this option might extend the life of your print cartridge and reduce your cost per page, but will reduce print quality.

HP does not recommend full-time use of EconoMode. If Economode is used full-time when the average toner coverage is significantly less than five percent, it is possible that the toner supply will outlast the mechanical parts in the print cartridge. If print quality begins to degrade under these circumstances, you will need to install a new print cartridge, even if toner remains in the cartridge.

How to Save Print Cartridges?

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Canon imageCLASS MF4450

When I was looking for a scanner in Staples, I saw a 4 in 1 machine with good price.
Canon imageCLASS MF4450

The scanner I like is about $70. This multifunction device is $100.
Is it a good deal?
4 in 1:

  1. Print
  2. Scan
  3. Photocopy
  4. Fax

Let me check the features first.

  • Print and Copy in black & white at up to 24 ppm
  • Quick First Print provides first print time of approximately 6 seconds
  • Efficient energy saving mode; approximately 3W of energy used
  • Advanced Print Modes include Booklet, Watermark, Toner Saver, Poster and Page Composer
  • Up to 9600 dpi (interpolated) color scanning resolution
  • 33.6 Kbps Super G3 fax
  • User-friendly 5-line LCD for easy navigation
  • 250-sheet front-loading paper cassette plus single-sheet multipurpose tray
  • Single Cartridge System for cost-efficient supplies replenishment

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Home Network

We are heavily relaying on the network, or Internet.
Now I would like to share how I connect all my devices in my house.
Internet service is provided by Shaw. It is the only choice in my area.
Coaxial cable connect the Modem from the wall. Then connect Modem and my Router A by network cable.
Router A is the heart of my network.
It provide wired connection to following devices:
Media Player – Asus O!Play
Network Storage – DLink DNS323, 3.5TB, FTP, File sharing, and BT.
Voip Box A – iTalkBB, provide local phone service.
Voip Box B – SPA-2002, Long Distance Call Service.
Router A also provide Wireless connection to following devices with MAC address filter. Only allowed MAC address can connect it.
Desktop A, for my daughter Grace
Desktop B, for my wife, Vivian and daughter, Gloria,
iPod Touch
Cellphone A – LG Optimus One
Cellphone B – LG Shine Plus
DS lite – with a replacement case, still working.
Kindle Keyboard with Wifi
Router A has a wireless connection with Router B. Router B works as bridge.
Router B wired connects to Desktop C
Router B is also working as a printer server by connecting Laser printer with USB port.
Actually, Router A has a Gigabit Switch to extent the ports. Router A has 4 Lan ports only, by connect Switch to it, it can connect 7 devices.

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Got a Samsung ML-1915 to replace ML-2010

I have a Samsung ML-2010 laser printer for 4 years. You can find the post of it. the day before yesterday, when I want to print something, it did not work. I tried to fix it. All failed. The red and green lights kept blinking.
OK, it is time to get a new one, I thought. I checked Bestbuy, Stalples, Office Depot, Future Shop, etc. Compare the price and features from All-in-one laser printer to wireless printer. Color laser printer is not in my consideration.
I make the decision that Samsung ML-1915 is the right one for me.


picture from Samsung official site.
Actually, I just need a laser printer for print only. Scan, copy are not necessary. Wireless is also not must have. I use DNS-323 as a printer server. All computers in my home can access the printer through DNS-323.
Samsung ML-1915 is on the market last Oct. Not a old product.

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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server

During last two nights, I tried Ubuntu 8.04 server on my old computer.
Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition
The computer which I installed server on is used as my main desktop before. It has AMD CPU and mobo 7 years old and two old Harddisk, one 60G, one 40G. I put 3 memory modules, total 1,536M, or 1.5G.
The performance is good.
I would like to make it as my Home Server with following features.

  • File server for desktops and/or laptop in future.
  • Printer server, attached by Samsung printer.
  • Media server, with capacity for MP3, Video files.
  • Web Server for testing purpose.

The installation is very simply, no more words to say.

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Solid ink printing from Xerox

Solid printing’s ink type is solid blockes. It is a new type of printing technology.
It melt solid blocks of ink, spray the ink on a drum and then roll the drum against a piece of paper to transfer the ink like an offset printing press.
The speed has generally been same as the slow laser printer.
The funny Xerox Solid Ink Technology Dance

For more detail info about Solid ink, click here.

Samsung ML-2010 Review

I bought a brand new laser printer, Samsung ML-2010 yesterday at Staples. I paid $148.10, which is regular price $199.92 minus instant rebate $70.00, plus 14% tax. This printer has another mail-in rebate $30.00.
Staples provides an Easy rebates, which is an online rebate. Really easy and quick. I don’t need to cut the UPC bar code and put all related receipts into a envelope. And even no postage. Just go to Easy Rebates and fill in the rebate form online, submit it and all done.

The good: Fast; inexpensive; good-quality text; easy to set up and use; PC, Mac, and Linux compatible.

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Print to PDF

Sometimes we have to print the documtent to PDF file.
If you have Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional , congratulation for you. It cost you US$422. at Amazon. It has so many features I don’t need. I just want to convert a document to PDF file only.
Let’s Google the web.
Their products provide too formats to use. The price is over $200. I don’t want it.
Its DESKPDF Single User License is $30. Such good price when compared with the products above.
Look at my choice.

Create PDF documents on the fly for Free!
Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for the secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms around the world. CutePDF Writer (formerly CutePDF Printer) is the free version of commercial PDF creation software. CutePDF Writer installs itself as a “printer subsystem”. This enables virtually any Windows applications (must be able to print) to create professional quality PDF documents – with just a push of a button!
FREE for personal and commercial use! No watermarks! No Popup Web Ads!

I tried the CutePDF. It is totally free. It supports Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (x64)/2003 (x64).
How to install it?
Download the installation Ver. 2.5; 1.96 MB
Download the GNU Ghostscript. It is an open-source interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF file format. GPLGS8.15; 5.01 MB
Then install these two by double click on it.
How to use it?
It is a virtual printer. Just use your print function from your application.
I recommand it to the user who want to print something to PDF file only.

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