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How to install SSL certificate in Webmin

It is a little bit tricky when I install SSL certificate in Webmin. Here is a how-to of installation of it. Now Webmin is version 1.710, on CentOS 6.5. The SSL certificate is issued by Comodo. The very important part is the key and certificates themselves. I have all these files from gotssl.com. But I

How to manage MariaDB in Webmin

It is easy to use Webmin to manage VPS, including MySQL server.  But it is not working with MariaDB default. The webmin MySQL server shows error as below: It can not find the path of command to start and stop MariaDB and also config file of MariaDB server. So click module configuration and change: Command

Webmin 1.680 Released

Webmin is a quite easy way to control VPS. It is a web panel. Version 1.680 (13th March 2014) More German translation updates thanks to Raymond Vetter, Catalan from Jaume Badiella and Norwegian updates from Stein-Aksel Basma. Fixed security issues that could be exploited by un-trusted Webmin users in the PHP Configuration and Webalizer modules.

Webmin update to 1.64

Yesterday, when I sign in one of my VPS webmin control panel, it displayed an upgrade button. Look at the folowwing screen shot and just click the button underneath, Upgrade Webmin Now. It is a update with new features and bug fixes. Worth to upgrade. Then, I click Upgrade Webmin Now button to upgade Webmin

OpenVPN, Burst.Net, OpenVZ,

I played VPN on Burst.net last week. There something new for me. I recorded here for reference. 1) Burst.Net has budget VPS. $5.95/MONTH with Memory: 512MB GUARANTEED It is based on OpenVZ. 2) It is only support OpenVPN, not pptpd. 3) To install OpenVPN, first enable Tun/Tap at the vePortal > Info&Security 4) When use

How to reset your webmin password

If you forgot your webmin password, you may need read following instruction which will show you how to reset it. Because I did it yesterday afternoon. First, logon to the server via ssh and sudo as root user, or just ssh on server with your root user. Second, say, you want to change or reset