Just upgrade all my VPS Webmin installations. From 2.105 to v2.110.



Look at the latest release notes.

  • Add an API to check if the system is running or approaching its end of life (EOL)
  • Add support for systemd-timesyncd and chronyd to the System Time module
  • Add Ubuntu 24.04 support
  • Add Squid 6 support
  • Add latest Devuan Linux support
  • Add an option to request Let’s Encrypt certificates using certbot in standalone mode forum.virtualmin.com/t/123696
  • Add IMAP and SMTP monitors in the System and Server Status module
  • Fix TLS connection to SMTP servers not working in some cases
  • Fix ProFTPd module to use actual UI library
  • Fix to using the qrencode command to generate QR codes locally instead of the remote Google Chart API
  • Fix a number of various other issues

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