Webmin released Version 1.490 (17th September 2009)
I have the webmin installed on my VPS machine. It helped me to manage the VPS.
Say, add new user, install perl package etc.
You can find it here.

# Catalan, Dutch and Basque translations, thanks to Jaume Badiella, Gandyman and Mireia Lezea respectively.
# Updated bonding support to use the new format in Debian 5.0, thanks to Caspar Smit.
# Removed all Perl warnings from the core Webmin library, thanks to Joe Cooper.
# Many RAID changes thanks to Caspar Smit, including full device support, spare groups, superblock clearing, RAID 6 spares and an option to skip metadata initialization.
# Better handling for Rsyslog tags in the config file.
# Logins and logouts to Webmin can now be included in the actions log.
# Removed code and UI for selecting a Sourceforge mirror, and use their mirror auto-detection instead.
# Support for setting the hardware clock is now detected automatically on Linux.

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