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Free Canadian personal income tax preparation software

I used Free Tax Software last year. Filed my tax return only through this software.
I recommend it again this year.
It is NETFILE certified already for 2008 Tax.
I downloaded it and installed on my desktop. Because I have the 2007 tax return file with Studiotax. I just import 2007 file into it and no need to re-enter the personal information.
Just double check the information and enter my 2008 data.
Now I am waiting my T4 from the company and T5 from bank, HSBC.

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phplist released 2.10.7

We know php is very powerful web script language.
Now I would like to introduce the mailing management program, phplist.
It is an open-source newsletter manager. phplist is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website.
Open Souce? Yes, I like it. Free to download and use it in your website.
There are ton’s of features. Let’s see the highlight some.
* double opt-in subscription mechanism
* scheduling
* list segmentation
* click-tracking
* attachments
* bounce management
Click here to download it.
Any question about installation and others, go to support page.

Free your memory with Ram Idle LE

RAM Idle LE is a smart memory management program that will keep your computer running more efficiently, faster, and longer. The program’s intelligently manages the free RAM that is available to Windows, and prevents your computer from running progressively slower over time.
It works on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.
The following screen shot is taken on Windows 2000.


Please be advised that Ram Idle LE is a freeware. No cost on your pocket.
Update: 2013.08.29. It is not available on its official site.

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Tux Paint

I would like to introduce this Free Paint program. Tux Paint.
My daughter, Grace, loves it. She still remember that she played it one year ago when I use Edubuntu.
Actually, I installed it in Windows XP yesterday.
Yes, this program is Open Source and can run on a variety of platforms, including all versions of Windows (including Tablet PC), Mac OS X 10.3 and up, Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD. It works well on older, slower systems, as well as thin-clients such as LTSP, Citrix® and Windows Terminal Services. It even runs on some handheld computers!
Let’s see a screenshot.

Look, kids will like it. This drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6 in the US, key stages 1 & 2 in the UK). It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program.
If you have a kid in this age range, just click here to download and install it.
I promise your child will say thank you to me.

4 Free Windows Apps That Save Big $$$$

I always try to find some intresting tools. This time, I collect from by computer experience to show you guys seven Free windows Applications. They beated some competitors and win this seat.
1) Office Software
Open Office replaced Microsoft Office – I love it. I just show my father in law it is a good replacement of Microsoft Office.
2) FTP
I don’t need CuteFtp any more. Filezilla replaced CuteFTP.
3) Photo Editor
GIMP replaced Paint Shop Pro – Paint Shop Pro was the cheaper alternative to Adobe Photoshop. GIMP has more than fulfilled my needs and there are hundred of free tutorials available.
4) Compress tool
7z replaced WinRAR.

Free Text to Speech software : NaturalReader

Sometimes I need a program to read a document, or help to tell me the pronouncation of an English word. If you read my post often, you must know English is not my comfort zone.

There are lots of Text to Speech softwares. Today I want to introduce a free software.

NaturalReader Free Version.

Yes, NaturalReader has three versions. Including free version, Professional Basic Pack at $39.5, and Enterprise Value Pack at $99.5.

For the home user, NaturalReader Free version is enough.

Here are full Common Functions:

Read Text files
o Text files
o MS Word files
o MS Internet Explorer webpages
o Adobe PDF files
o Emails

Read settings/adjustments
o Speed
o Voice (male/female)
o Quality
o Volume

The problem is the default Free version has only Microsoft Mary voice. No actually natural voice included. It read text like a Robot.

The solution is go to Internet and find the natural Voice Package.
I use a P2P tool, Emule, to search “Text to Speech” and get a lot of results.
Say, Text-To-Speech.English.Paul.rar Link: ed2k://|file|Text-To-Speech.English.Paul.rar|234646887|7ADA791554A32648BD10962622A51AD4|/
NeoSpeech.Text-To-Speech.16K.Kate.rar Link: ed2k://|file|[NeoSpeech%E8%AF%AD%E9%9F%B3%E5%90%88%E6%88%90%E8%8B%B1%E8%AF%AD%E3%80%81%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87%E6%9C%97%E8%AF%BB%E5%BC%95%E6%93%8E].NeoSpeech.Text-To-Speech.16K.Kate.rar|235151367|F2146DCC8D46F699CA22397F86FBD08D|/

They all have good voice.
After install these two voice packages, NaturalReader can easily recognize them.

I like NaturalReader’s following functions:
1) Read regular text file in it.
2) Read the select text in Firefox or IE.
3) Convert text to MP3 directly.

Site Meter changes face

Site Meter is the one of the Most important provider in free web analytics tools. You know, the Google Analytics redesigned their interface. I don’t want to repeat it because lots of bloggers are mentioning it in their blogs. So, Site Meter start to change its face and internal things.
Site Meter launched a new site to be a replacement. The interface is changed and some users are getting problems.
You may find the link to SiteMeter on the right panel of this blog. I use Site Meter for long time. It is a great tool.
During this changes, I can only see the summary. Some pages are very slow.

I think it need a couple of weeks to fix the bugs in the new system.

Announcing Pentacle In-Out Board v

The last ASP version of my Pentacle In-Out Board is released now.
The Pentacle v7.05.0.2302 is ready to download.
It is still Open Source software. Free to download and use.
In the new version, something added as below:

Sorting by user last name.
Group can be deleted.
Location can be deleted.
New attendance report.

For the final version, I does not have much word to say. It is like my baby. I will give it a new born in future.

What about Joomla

Joomla, is a free, open source content management system written with PHP for publishing content on the world wide web and intranet, using the MySQL database.
I mentioned it in my SEO Website Marketing (Chinese) Blog, in Best CMS in 2006.
Joomla! includes features such as page caching to improve performance, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, website searching, and language internationalization.
The name is an English spelling of the Swahili word jumla meaning “all together” or “as a whole”.
So cool, the target of this project is All Together, put everything you need in to one application.
Please look at the roadmap of Joomla.
There will be a brandnew version 1.5, a completely re-written code base built with PHP 5.
I am strongly recommend Joomla to the CMS user. I like it.

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