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Windows Script Decoder

Now a lot of website owner find some malicious code hide in their webpages. Some are put by hacker. The codes are also encoded. Webmaster can not remove the malicious code from the original html codes, they are all mixed. Now, this tools is help you to decode it and find out. The program name

Math worksheet for my Daughters

I programed a web version of math worksheet. Just addition and subtraction. My elder daughter, Grace, is Grade 1. She is learning addition and subtraction within two figures, up to 10. Grace can do more than what teacher requested. I build this new worksheet generator. All parents are welcome to use this tool. Go to

Try Google Toolbar for Firefox 3

I use Firefox for all my regular web use, except some special web site I have to use IE Tab. The current Google Toolbar for Firefox I used is 2.1. Some IE version features were not provided on Firefox version. Say, Google Bookmarks, Google Accounts login. Now Google release the 3.0 Google Toolbar 3.0 for

Image Viewer from FastStone

I have a very long history to use the image viewer software. I still remember my first PC. It is 386DX40 with 4Mb memory, and 170Mb hard-disk. The monitor is 14″. Just like other teenage boys, I use ACDSee for lots and lots of photos copied from my classmates. It is running on DOS. Even

Installation of hMailServer

I installed hMailServer as my Email server last week. Let me keep a log of my installation. Step 1. Download hMailServer from the official site. The latest stable version is hMailServer 4.3 – Build 248. Download here. File size 3,568KB. Setp 2. Install hMailServer by double-clik the file downloaded to launch the setup. The package

Pentacle In-Out Board

I am proudly announce Pentacle In-Out Board v is ready for brand new installation and upgrade from all previous version. I post the new release on Oct., 22 2006. The upgrade package is ready yesterday. In v6.10, I added some new features and improvement: * 3 level of user rights. * Delete / Undelete