Online Financial Calculators

This is an Online Financial Calculators provided by KJE Computer Solutions, LLC.
It is free to use over 150+ different calculators.

Not only US, but also Canadian version, and French Canadian version.
The requirement is Java, which is used in the program.
They have Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards & Debt, Auto, Investments, Retirement, Insurance, Taxes, Savings, Personal Finance, Business categories.

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  1. hi,
    we have an online excel sheet that is specifically for mortgage calculation.
    it’s catered specially for promotion packages (like what we have in singapore), as in differing annual interest rates (most online calculators only allow us to input one interest rate)
    view our online mortgage calculator at
    2/3 way down the page (on the right hand side)
    hope its useful! =)
    sinapore real estate . info

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