Pentacle In-Out Board

I am proudly announce Pentacle In-Out Board v is ready for brand new installation and upgrade from all previous version.
I post the new release on Oct., 22 2006.
The upgrade package is ready yesterday.
In v6.10, I added some new features and improvement:
* 3 level of user rights.
* Delete / Undelete user.
* Vacation day carry forward can be half day.
* If date or time entered in error, Admin can correct it.
* Database backup and compact.
* Email address can include new TLD (top level domain), such as .name, .coop, .museum.
* Send email by group or location.
* Improve the speed to load Pentacle News.

For the upgrading, the upgrade package can upgrade Pentacle In-Out Board v 5.12 and v 6.03 both.
I may develop new version, or make a new Pentacle In-Out Board in PHP and MySQL next year.

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