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G2Soft has a clear look now

My open-source software site, G2Soft.Net is re-designed. It is based on the HTML and CSS standards. I removed the table layout and used DIV and CSS for the main layout. The standard is much important thing we need to follow. I do like my new design. I don’t change the Home page. The home page

Pentacle In-Out Board

I am proudly announce Pentacle In-Out Board v is ready for brand new installation and upgrade from all previous version. I post the new release on Oct., 22 2006. The upgrade package is ready yesterday. In v6.10, I added some new features and improvement: * 3 level of user rights. * Delete / Undelete

Pentacle In-Out Board v6.03.0.1200

There are a lot of improvement for this program. Previous version is v6.03.0.1001. I put many hours to finish this release in the last weekend. Most of the changes are made in April. Changes shown as below: 1) Improved security protection for the In-Out Board. Use regular express to verify the data input. 2) New

In-Out Board

This is a web-based In-Out Board program. It is totally free to download, use. Pentacle (In Out Board) was started as an idea I had in the early part of 2003 when I was supposed to be running the intranet site design side of a local insurance brokerage company. It was almost 2 months from