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G2Soft has a clear look now

My open-source software site, G2Soft.Net is re-designed. It is based on the HTML and CSS standards.
I removed the table layout and used DIV and CSS for the main layout.
The standard is much important thing we need to follow.
I do like my new design. I don’t change the Home page. The home page is already a DIV/CSS design. I changed alll other pages in G2Soft.Net. Including the core product page, Pentacle InOut Board.
The new layout has Header, Footer, Main and some small DIV for ads.
It took me about 4 hours to rebuild it, but it worth.

Pentacle In-Out Board

I am proudly announce Pentacle In-Out Board v is ready for brand new installation and upgrade from all previous version.
I post the new release on Oct., 22 2006.
The upgrade package is ready yesterday.
In v6.10, I added some new features and improvement:
* 3 level of user rights.
* Delete / Undelete user.
* Vacation day carry forward can be half day.
* If date or time entered in error, Admin can correct it.
* Database backup and compact.
* Email address can include new TLD (top level domain), such as .name, .coop, .museum.
* Send email by group or location.
* Improve the speed to load Pentacle News.

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Pentacle In-Out Board v6.03.0.1200

There are a lot of improvement for this program.
Previous version is v6.03.0.1001.
I put many hours to finish this release in the last weekend. Most of the changes are made in April.
Changes shown as below:
1) Improved security protection for the In-Out Board.
Use regular express to verify the data input.
2) New Log in screen.
3) Change the format of date/time.
4) Make the Date/Time readonly in the form, the user can choose the date by selection only.
5) Time zone pulldonw menu added.
6) Some small finetune.

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In-Out Board


This is a web-based In-Out Board program.
It is totally free to download, use.
Pentacle (In Out Board) was started as an idea I had in the early part of 2003 when I was supposed to be running the intranet site design side of a local insurance brokerage company.
It was almost 2 months from the initial idea till the launch of Pentacle on the April 2003. During these 2 months much time was spent in researching, planning, designing, developing applications, and writing tutorials and articles.
After used internally about 2 years, I think about to share it with all other people need in/out board on their desktop .
Pentacle Free Limited Version was started, and is improvd time by time. I hope it is alway be on your desktop free of charge.

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