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Make Money with WidgetBucks Online

WidgetBucks is an advertising network that gives a widget that displays shopping ads. When a reader clicks on the widget and visits the advertiser, you make money. WidgetBucks runs on a CPC model – you get paid when readers clicks on the ads – they do not have to make a purchase from the advertiser. WidgetBucks claims $3 to $6 eCPM in early test results.

It looks better than a lot of other CPC program. The average earning per click is about $0.20.


WidgetBucks has built-in code generator for TypePad, WordPress and Blogger. And it also provide a generic code for other blog platform.
The ads displayed on the site will depends on your choice of category or let MerchSense crawl your content and match it.
Now it has 8 sizes with 16 format. The color of ads are unlimited, because you can enter the HEX color code.
WidgetBucks is ideal for technology and shopping related sites and blogs. However, WidgetBucks is opening their widgets to everyone. There are no minimum requirements to join and the minimum payout is $50.
The Signup bonus is $25. So make $25 with WidgetBucks and you will get the first payout $50.

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Some proved best Directory sites

I would like to introduce some proved best Directory. You can submit your Blog or your site for free.

It is a free site submission directory. No payment required, even some ask for a reciprocal link.
It is worth.

2013.08.29 Update: The dead links are removed.

G2links Directory


N1 Directory


Free Website Directory

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How to put video on your Blog – YouTube

More and more home videos are taken by your video camera. You may want to put some on your blog.
It is a good idea. Show the great time to your friends.
Before tell you haw to add video on your blog, you need make a decision. where do you want to save you video file?
There are some choice.
1) Save in your web site. Sometimes the hosting company does not want you put the video on the server.
2) Upload the video on the Video hosting site, say, Youtube, Google Video.
I have no comment on it. Today I just show you the easier way, on Youtube.
Let’s start.
You have a video clip on you desktop, ready to upload.
The video Youtube accepted is Max. 10 minutes, Max 100 MB, and the acceptable format.
Of course, you need an account on Youtube. Sign in first.
1. Click “Upload Videos” in the upper-right-hand corner of any YouTube page.
2. Enter as much information about your video as possible, including Title, Description, Tags, and Category. The more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video!
3. Determine if you want your video set to Public or Private.
4. Click the “Upload a Video” button.
5. In the next window, click the “Browse” button to browse for the video file. Select the file you want to upload.
6. Click the “Upload Video” button.
It can take from a couple minutes to an hour for your video to upload to YouTube.
The you have a video hosted on Youtube.
Now let’s go to the important part how to get the HTML and put into your Blog.

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Redesign the Blog

In the new year of 2008, I am trying to redesign the blog.
The default template from Six Apart is looks boring.
Now I have not finish my design yet. If you have some idea, just leave your comment below.
Or, if you want to see something on my Blog, do not hesitate to comment it.
I have some big plan in 2008.
David Yin’s blog has following stats last month, December 2007.
9,665 UV and 14,358 PV.
I hope it can reach 90,000 UV per month in the end of 2008.
Is it too crazy? I don’t think so.
More and more traffic will be attracted from Search Engine and other related sites.

Path difference between Windows and Linux

Movabletype 4.01 has the internal upload facility, which can upload images to the assets manager.
My blog is always runing well on my Windows 2003, until I moved it to the Linux server.
The photo is not displayed on the sidebar. Only the file name is shown there.
After researching over 2 hours, I found the problem is the path.
Windows uses “\” as the path symbol. Linux uses “/” as the path symbol.
The path saved in the database is something like, “\images\photo-1.jpg”
It can not be displayed correctly in Linux server. Movabletype has not have the tool to change the path. I have to use PhpMyAdmin to change the path manually. It is saved in mt_asset table. Change the asset_file_path and asset_url to match Linux rule.
Then the photo widget shown properly and the page of manage assets can display image asset and preview popup can shown the correct image.
It is not the end. I have to check all my blog use the thumb image, which has some URL use the old Windows path. Manually change them again.
After these changes, all images use the MT4.01’s inclusive asset manager can be displayed perfectly.
Please be reminded thant when you move your MT blog from Windows to Linux. And also I think if the MT blog moves from Linux to Windows has same problems.

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