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ReviewMe is a good way to get more income to cover your cost of your server or internet access expense.
If you have a blog over 2 years, and continue to post, you may know much about how to earn money from online advertisement, such as Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, etc. They are contextual ads. Sometimes the personal blog is not topic focus enough. The performance of ads is not good.
Some bloggers are bought to post an article to promote some products without disclosure. Readers will treat it as a real review, but not an advertisement. It’s cheating.
ReviewMe is a new service for blogger. It is very fair to bloggers and blog readers.

Blogger can review the product or service based on his own point of view. He can say it good or bad. Advertisers will pay bloggers for reviewing, not review it good.
Now ReviewMe has some requirement for blogger to signup his blog. The blogger member may only have up to 6 active blogs. Each blog can have unlimited review, if you can get so many review jogs. When doing review, you must disclose it is a paid review.
They can pay you by Paypal or Cheque.
I don’t think you may be bought by ReviewMe, but are employed to review something.
This is a paid review.

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