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CJ affiliates affected by Spybot Search & Destroy Immunize

I joined CJ just few monthes. It is a very good affiliate platform. I make money from it. Not that easy, buy simply.
OK, come back to the topic of this post.
I found the link or ads displayed on my site can not be click through. It always gave me the 404 error. It started from someday. I can not identify the problem by myself. So I make a ticket on the CJ’s backend. Two days later, the supporter told me to check the code. I know it is fine. After one more following email. I can not get the real answer from them to solve this problem.
Another day, I use other people’s computer to browser my site. The CJ’s link worked. I don’t know why. It is still not work on my own desktop.
Until I read this post from CPA Affiliates.
CJ affiliates Spybot Search & Destroy Immunize is killing your Sales!.
It tells the truth of the problem. Spybot Search & Destroy ‘s Immunize function. I remembered that I install the new version v1.5 on Oct. 15.
So I can do the best to solve this problem. Just undo the immunize and all the CJ links works.
It is hard to say Spybot Search & Destroy is bad. I use it for two years. It protected my computer with Firefox when I surf the ocean of Internet.

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ReviewMe – supplemental income to blog

ReviewMe is a good way to get more income to cover your cost of your server or internet access expense.
If you have a blog over 2 years, and continue to post, you may know much about how to earn money from online advertisement, such as Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, etc. They are contextual ads. Sometimes the personal blog is not topic focus enough. The performance of ads is not good.
Some bloggers are bought to post an article to promote some products without disclosure. Readers will treat it as a real review, but not an advertisement. It’s cheating.
ReviewMe is a new service for blogger. It is very fair to bloggers and blog readers.

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