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How to Add Google +1 Button

Google announce to release Google +1 Button to third party.
It is good tool for Blogger.
To add it on site, or blog like my MovableType blog, just two script need to be added.
1) Add following tag code to your head or just before your close body tag

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2)Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render


I put the first script into MovableType templates, including index, entry, page.
Then put the second script into the main menu part.
It is not on the post body, but shown on navigating menu.

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Submit my blog to 57 Search Engines

I promised to post the steps I take to improve the web traffic of my blog. Here is one of the step. Submit my blog to almost all search engines in the world which accept English web sites.
I use the program, called IBP. The search engine submitting function is so good. I don not have to type the address and filling the information of my blog and click submit button. One search by one search engine.
Now, I just need to prepare my blog information inside of IBP, then choose search engines from the list and click submit. About 5 minutes, all 57 Search Engines get my submissions.
The following are details of these 57 search Engines. If you want, you can key in these web address and submit your site.

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How to use Webpagetest Free tool to test your blog load time

To double the traffic, one of the optimization steps is to test the load time of page and find the way to speed up.
I recommend WebPagetest. It is a free tool to test your blog / web page. See how fast to load the whole page. It tests two time, one is fresh load, the other is repeat view.
I tested my home page of this blog. The result is pretty good. Page Speed Score: 97/100
Let us see how it is:

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Change Feeds Output

Tell you how to use template to output excerpt as feed in MovableType 5.04

If you subscribe my Blog feed, you may noticed that the feed is not full content output anymore. Yes, I change the way feeds output.
Let me show you how to change it to excerpt in MovableType 5.04.
Click Design, Templates,
Open the feed template, for me, it is atom.xml
Find the following code

 <$MTEntryBody encode_xml="1"$>
 <$MTEntryMore encode_xml="1"$>

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Blog Target in 30 days – Double the web traffic in thirty days

It is one of my new year resolutions. Because I always have a lot of new year resolutions, I make it as simple as possible this time.
Double the web traffic of blog in thirty days.
First of all, I have to evaluate the base of it.
During the last five months, the monthly average PV is 17,950, UV is 12,312.
How to do the calculation of the double my traffic is easy. I want my blog has 35,900 Pageview or 24,624 UV.

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Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.3

WordPress 3.0.3 released. Even I do not use remote publish, I still upgrade five blogs I managed to latest 3.0.3.
It is simply and easy, just click the auto update link and done.
This release fixes issues in the remote publishing interface, which under certain circumstances allowed Author- and Contributor-level users to improperly edit, publish, or delete posts.
Click here to get the latest copy of WordPress.

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Basic Blog Marketing

There are so many ways to do the marketing for your blog.
Now I would like to share some with you.
Basic blog marketing methods: Top Five.
Ask for the links.
Call your friend, ask them to link to your blog.
Not just your friends, you can also ask you son, daughter, your grandpa.
You can ask your co-workers to put your link into company site.
Join in a Forum
Forum is a kind of web site allow users to post their idea. You can sign up into one forum. Help others to solve the problem. Provide your personal experience or product preview. Real content, high quality content can give forum users trustfulness. Put your link into your forum signature, after you build your digital character there.

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the 800th Post

It is the 800th post of this blog.

I start blogging here from October 19, 2004. Wow, it is over 5 and half years.

The first post here is Build album template and rebuild all albums. Right now I use gallery 2 as my family photo album. Ha, big change.

Will keep blogging.

Upgrade Blog to MovableType 4.31

Now I upgrade this blog to MT 4.31. The release notes said some security issue and improvement.
Minor Security Issue with Entry / Archive Pagination in MT 4.3
With the addition of entry pagination via search, we introduced the possibility of a user viewing a template that might show PHP/ASP code that was not designed to be viewed by the end user and couldn’t be executed. Although there are ways to run PHP under CGI, we put the following barriers in place:
1. Only allow the template_id parameter when the archive_type parameter exists.
2. Force the template being used to match the archive type (e.g. if you’re trying to paginate category archives, the template you’re using has to be one that is producing category archives).
3. Not allow the use of the template_id parameter when the extension is php or asp.
4. Created a config directive (SearchAlwaysAllowTemplateID) that would always allow the use of template_id.
Linked assets widget on edit entry screen not localized
Localized the text in the entry asset widget.
Error in Movable Type 4.3 on rebuild or comment submission “Metadata allow_anon_recommend on MT::Blog not found”
Fixed an issue where you would see the error “Metadata allow_anon_recommend on MT::Blog not found” in various points of the app.
Poor thumbnail image quality using GD
Improve quality of image thumbnails when using GD by creating them as 24-bit color images instead of 8-bit.
MTIfArchiveEnabled tag returns true for archive mappings set to “Do Not Publish”
The mt:IfArchiveTypeEnabled tag now does not return true for archive mappings set to “Do Not Publish”
Not all system templates set system_template MT variable
Fixed a bug where not all system templates set the the system_template variable.
non-superuser editing in system-wide Comments listing
Fixed an issue where non-superusers could see all of the blogs in the global comment listing. Now, only superusers can see them all.
Pagination of Entries includes Pages when viewing dynamically
When using the search-based entry pagination, MT Pages were being included. We’ve fixed this.
Image assets tags not working with custom fields or without it
When using custom fields in conjunction with entry assets in MT 4.3 Pro, you would lose the entry-asset association on entry save. This bug has been fixed.
MT4.3 mt.js does not respect the CommentScript config directive and causes the dynamic comment listing to fail
Removed some hard-coded references to mt-comments.cgi in mt.js. It now properly uses the CommentScript tag.
Registry corruption caused by MT::Worker::SummaryWatcher
Added a patch to avoid registry corruption caused by MT::Worker::SummaryWatcher. (Thanks Reed!)
Comment Author Link Returns 404 Instead of Linking To Author Page in Community Template Set
Fixed an issue where the profile_view_url variable was not being passed to any page of comments after the first one (in the Community template set).
Unsaved entry preview loses asset association
Fixed a bug where asset associations in an unsaved entry were lost after previewing and returning to edit the entry.

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