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How to Add Google +1 Button

Google announce to release Google +1 Button to third party. It is good tool for Blogger. To add it on site, or blog like my MovableType blog, just two script need to be added. 1) Add following tag code to your head or just before your close body tag 2)Place this tag where you want

Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.3

WordPress 3.0.3 released. Even I do not use remote publish, I still upgrade five blogs I managed to latest 3.0.3. It is simply and easy, just click the auto update link and done. This release fixes issues in the remote publishing interface, which under certain circumstances allowed Author- and Contributor-level users to improperly edit, publish,

Basic Blog Marketing

There are so many ways to do the marketing for your blog. Now I would like to share some with you. Basic blog marketing methods: Top Five. No.1 Ask for the links. Call your friend, ask them to link to your blog. Not just your friends, you can also ask you son, daughter, your grandpa.

the 800th Post

It is the 800th post of this blog. I start blogging here from October 19, 2004. Wow, it is over 5 and half years. The first post here is Build album template and rebuild all albums. Right now I use gallery 2 as my family photo album. Ha, big change. Will keep blogging.

Upgrade Blog to MovableType 4.31

Now I upgrade this blog to MT 4.31. The release notes said some security issue and improvement. Minor Security Issue with Entry / Archive Pagination in MT 4.3 With the addition of entry pagination via search, we introduced the possibility of a user viewing a template that might show PHP/ASP code that was not designed