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MovableType 4 Beta 6

It is so fast the Beta 6 come out. MovableType 4 Unofficial Blog has been upgraded yesterday.
All fine. The steps of upgrade is same as my Beta 5 upgrade.
Just 平生一笑, said the Notifications is missing in the beta version. I have not noticed it.
I just tested it in Beta 6. It is there, by a new name of link, “Share this entry”.
Later he advised me that this is a bug just fixed in Beta 6, which is mentioned in the ChangeLog.
It is true. The first one is:
53480: Restore “Send Notifications” feature
FIXED: The ability to send notifications has been fully implemented on top of the MT4 system.
So when next release, I should go to ChangeLog first.

MT 4 beta5 coming

The MovableType 4 just released beta 5.
So, I upgrade the MovableType 4 Beta Unofficial Blog to beta 5.
Steps as bleow:
1) SSH to Dreamhost.
2) cd
3) wget
4) tar -xvzf MT-4.0-beta5-20070704.tar.gz
5) cd MT-4.0-beta5-20070704
6) cp -r -f ./ ../mtcgi/
Then I can login the backend to see the beta 5.
The database is same. No update of database needed.

MovableType 4 Beta3 out

Just found the post, Beta 3 is out (and there was much rejoicing), on Official Blog.
I will hurry to upgrade my MT 4 Unofficial Blog from Beta 2 to Beta 3.
Based on the Official Blog, three new features are added on it.

* New welcome message for new users – to help new users get started more quickly and more easily then ever before
* A fully customizable dashboard – add and remove widgets that are most useful to you, and developers, build your own widgets to share with friends and the community
* Fully integrated Style Catcher support – easily change the look and feel of you blog (don’t worry, we will have a lot more new and modern themes for MT before we release!

Dashboard of MT 4

Now I have an MovableType 4 Beta installation at my Dreamhost. OK, I can post more tests or screen shots here to introduce it.
Dashborad of backend.
Look at the screen shot below. The time axis tab can drag to change the time period of reporting comments, entries, and tags in the given period.dashboard-mt4

The dashboard is not only for one blog, but also for whole system.

Movable Type 4 : the Next version

Sixapart is developing the next MT, MovableType 4.
Compared with WordPress, another famous Blog platform, MT goes behind.
Now it try to go ahead. It put some new features:
* A completely reinvented user interface with a dashboard overview of how all of your blogs are doing
* Support for publishing standalone pages and managing file assets and images right within MT
* Brand-new community features like OpenID, and a built-in user registration system
* A completely redesigned component architecture that makes MT faster and more scalable than ever before
* And it’s going to be available in a completely open source version with its home at a completely relaunched community site that revives an old, beloved URL:
The bold text above is what I think I am waiting for.

Standalone Page
Media file or uploaded file management
OpenID integrated
Open Source

That’s why I like it and keep to use it from my first Blog post.

Future features of MovableType

Sixapart is developing the next version of MovableType. The future version will be including following interesting features:
1) Role
Role may replace the Author and Administrator. Default roles include Weblog Administrator, Designer and Editor.
So, it is more flexible to implement the rights for users.
2) Clone Blog
It is much easy tool to duplicate a new blog with same entries. You don’t need to export and import the blog any more.
3) Interface tweak
Always, on interface. Every program has an updage, will change its interface somewhere.

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