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MovableType 4 Beta 6

It is so fast the Beta 6 come out. MovableType 4 Unofficial Blog has been upgraded yesterday. All fine. The steps of upgrade is same as my Beta 5 upgrade. Just 平生一笑, said the Notifications is missing in the beta version. I have not noticed it. I just tested it in Beta 6. It is

MT 4 beta5 coming

The MovableType 4 just released beta 5. So, I upgrade the MovableType 4 Beta Unofficial Blog to beta 5. Steps as bleow: 1) SSH to Dreamhost. 2) cd mt4.g2soft.net 3) wget http://www.movabletype.org/downloads/MT-4.0-beta5-20070704.tar.gz 4) tar -xvzf MT-4.0-beta5-20070704.tar.gz 5) cd MT-4.0-beta5-20070704 6) cp -r -f ./ ../mtcgi/ Done. Then I can login the backend to see the

Movable Type 4 : the Next version

Sixapart is developing the next MT, MovableType 4. Compared with WordPress, another famous Blog platform, MT goes behind. Now it try to go ahead. It put some new features: * A completely reinvented user interface with a dashboard overview of how all of your blogs are doing * Support for publishing standalone pages and managing

Future features of MovableType

Sixapart is developing the next version of MovableType. The future version will be including following interesting features: 1) Role Role may replace the Author and Administrator. Default roles include Weblog Administrator, Designer and Editor. So, it is more flexible to implement the rights for users. 2) Clone Blog It is much easy tool to duplicate